LADIES AND GENTLEMEN - brothers and sisters; Christ and His church;


Gentle men of fidelity
Humble ladies of dignity
Divine celebrities
What an opportunity
To be together in unity
Celebrating the reality
Of Gods charity
Which is His love of divinity
And fullness of His personality
Existing amidst us in totality

Life's originator
And great warrior
The world's creator
And true conqueror
The wisest tutor
And greatest mentor
Who died in our favour
As the loving saviour
To grant us the sweet savour
Of His divine flavour

He once set up a stage
And on it, opened a page
For those created in His image
From the world's earliest age
To manage His works as a sage
But man engaged in death's voyage
A deadly marriage in sin's carriage
Which caged man in its rage without gage
Man was without the ability to disengage
From sin's deadly wage

Before man's destiny hanged on sin's pole
Before death punctured his soul with a hole
Before sin washed his glory into death's bowl
Man was a fiery coal too hot for sin to control
Too blessed for life to console
'Cos God made man whole as a living soul
Gave him a goal with a will to act his role
But man neglected his goal
Only to condole after selling out his soul
Till Jesus restored the life Satan stole

He made the man in the simplicity
Of perfect humility
Making him:
very caring
basically fantastic
and fully powerful
He made the lady in the complexity
Of various diversities
Making her:
uniquely classic
preciously gorgeous
and socially special

There's a veil
Torn from head to tail
By the Jesus we hail
No matter what it entails
Whether male or female
Our destinies ain't for sale
Our dignity musn't go frail
Our fidelity shouldn't end in the vale
Above storms, we must sail
For our lot is not to fail

There's a lady called the bride
To whom responsibility is tied
Making it impossible for her to hide
From the rising tide
Of challenges that make some backslide
She's the opposite of pride
And has got the groom by her side
In whom she confides as the trusted guide
That makes her glide
Through paths to which she must abide

She ain't just got the physique of a cuty
But was created in unique beauty
And ascribed the classic duty
Of bearing to the peak, the flag of purity
To justify her fantastic inner beauty
She's for sure the picture
Of the beloved bride figure
Portrayed in the scriptures
Whom the groom has to secure
From present to an eternal future

The bridegroom
Prepares his bride, a resting room
The man qualified to be the bride's groom
Is one that can make her bloom
Blot out her doom
And bear her gloom
Only one groom
Qualifies for the Church
Christ the flaming torch
Possessing the Spirit's gentle touch
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