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Unfavourable limitations
Of Impossible situations,
Unstoppable fears
Engulfed in silent tears

Constrained to mope
In lost hope;
Branded a lame
'Coz of Goliath's fame

Forced to sign one's name
With a pen of shame;
A state of despair
That seems beyond repair

Applying all wisdom
Just to seek freedom
But ending up facing the red sea
While Pharaoh won't let you go free

The future that looked bright
Has turned the present night,
The thought of giving up
Always accompanying waking up

Starting afresh seems an impossibility,
Oh! What a marred identity,
A Life betrayed trust,
Loss of value beyond dust

This defeat in the mind
Turns the soul blind;
Unable to see possibility
In unique ability

Still trying to understand
How footprints in life's sand
Seem covered,
Despite all that had been suffered

Loss of confidence
Defeating life's essence;
Afraid to try again
Since trying seems vain

Nothing is impossible,
The word itself says I'm possible,
Going the extra mile
Shouldn't stop your smile

A unique tool that prevents us
From failing our life course
From sliding down the slope
Is the voice of hope

Despite life's strife,
A life
Without hope
Is one hanged to death's rope

Hope produces faith
To believe it's never late;
Faith to make plain
That unmoved mountain

It starts with a renewed mindset,
Believing there's nothing to fret;
As long as 'Oluwa' is involved
Possibility's gonna be evolved

Make your mind flexible
To believe it's not impossible;
It may just not have happened yet,
But it will when the right time's set

No matter how life seems,
I've got no shattered dreams,
We decide to call it shattered
'Coz of what we've encountered

Life's what we call it,
Exactly how we define it,
Faith could be your caption,
Despair is also an option

Faith founds possibility,
Despair authors impossibility,
While faith says refire,
Despair says retire

Got the mindset of my creator
Which is the mindset of a victor;
Gracing diligence
With patience

With man, some things are impossible,
With God, all things are possible,
Winners never quit,
Is a quote to reckon with.

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