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There’s a balm
That keeps the storm calm
Through the power of I am
Yeah, the I am that I am

An unraveled master
Above every barrister
Unbound by the law
He authored grace with no flaw

I always get a solution
From the rock of my salvation
Whenever I ask, He doesn’t fail to reply;
He wants me to multiply

He’s the God of wealth
Keeping me in good health;
Sickness is a chaff
That only makes melaugh

He did resurrect
To make me connect
To a life
That’s really without strife

Sickness is a notion
Of death in slow motion;
A sickness called sin
Won’t make the spirit to win

But God’s got a store
From where He can always restore
What’s stolen by the devil;
God’s good surpasses evil

The Holy Ghost power
Has made me a strong tower
That heals the sick
And protects the weak

I choose to refire
And fan this fire
To flame
To the grace of God’s fame
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