Spitit of Faith

The Spirit of faith
Can change any fate
With a trait
Found only in God

Tangled to an angle
Despite the struggle
Of your try-angle
Thinking what’s happening

The limitation
Of detention
Bringing detention
To innocent souls

A need for impartation
Through faith for the transmission
Of divine virtue to the situation
Of hopelessness

The spiritually broke
Sometimes do choke
But anointing breaks the yoke
According to the scriptures

The Ancient of days
Backs the carrier of grace
To prosper his career always
Even amidst thorns

With a heart that loves God
And rooted in His word
The very sword
To face all challenges

Faith’s a gene
With God as origin
Overpowering sin to win
Entails living by faith

An ointment
Attached to the assignment
Causing a refreshment
For revival

An instruction
To key into a connection
For a perfection
Of breakthrough
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