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AGBANILAGBATAN - Gospel poem/rap about God

The devil already thought, I was going under
Until he saw me cruising, inside your Honda
He tried to pin me down, bind me up with a cord
But he met me seated within your Accord


You delivered my soul from the hands of the devil
When the liver of my soul was almost eaten by the evil
The greatest deal ever, struck with the deliverer;
You are the Aguntan called, Agbanilagbatan

My life’s not Alphabetic but I know it’s in order
Always before you, is my fantastic tea
So my hungry soul runs, not to Hungary
But to the bread of life, to feed my hungry soul

There’s none like you, so I really like you
I see You in my mirror, yes! I’m really like you
Your key is on board to open my doors
The keyboard makes me see ‘U’ and ‘I’ always together

Agbanilagbatan, is the ship that saves
Titanic; we know her, but let’s take our minds to Noah
I see the rain bow, at the sight of the rainbow
The way death bows, seeing the sheep called a lion

I can’t be pushed away, to ever leaving
This God of life, that’s ever living
Agbanilagbatan, the sheep was slain
Agbanilagbatan; risen lion that reigns

The sheep called a fool; Agbanilagbatan
He now reigns in full; lion of the jungle
Whether realms of celestial, or this revolving terrestrial
He rules the aquatic, which overwhelmed titanic.
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