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BRAIN versus HEART 1

Losing sleep over you,
Thinking of what to do
To get closer to you;
Wishing you felt the same too

Could this situation be less
Of an emotional mess
Through the distress
Of what I obsess ?

Waking from my bed
With your picture in my head,
My soul too is being fed
Of your thought, during my daily bread

I get high of your memory,
Just that I still worry;
My hope is that your life's not a story
With illusionary touches of glory

Thrilled when I see you
Yet, unable to express my real self to you,
Watching the things I do;
Careful not to offend you

Seeking a chance
To make the world dance
In the sphere of your fragrance
And blazing radiance

I may not be counting dollars
But hope to, one day, count stars,
Tour with you in a vision faster than cars
And build you a home of high class

I'm just that guy not so far away
Resolved to make you smile everyday,
Every step of the way,
That's why I pray for you each day

I feel this love burning all the time
'Coz the times with you rhyme
With a good time;
A thrill of enjoying this life time

How sure am I, if this is really you ?
I long for a lifetime with you,
But marrying you
May differ from marrying the real you

A free flow with people's in my system
Yet, flowing with you's my problem,
Anyway, what I do to any problem
Is to effectively solve them

I got to be sure you ain't mischievous;
Isn't it obvious
That I'm serious
About your being mysterious ?

I could call this love in action,
Maybe divine attraction,
Unstoppable attention,
Inseparable connection

This love could lead anywhere;
Won't say I really don't care
About my fear,
So I resolved to remain in my sphere

The heart knows, better, what's to unfold;
Just doing what we're told
By a heart which's hopefully not cold;
An action not called bold

Right now, the issue
Is that I really miss you,
All the good I have wished you
Will never dish you

Opening up to let it be;
Letting love free,
To sail this sea
With a ship truth can see

Climbing up this ladder
Of truth together,
Never to be put asunder;
A ship carrying us yonder

This amazing ship
Could be a partnership
Of pure friendship,
Or being 'in a relationship'

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