BRAIN versus HEART 3

Why did I fall in love, to walk in love with her?
A natural dancer, may be the answer
Cool voice in addition, maybe not for auditions
Not puffed with ego, like the egg in an egg roll


She isn’t MTN, but makes me Xtra-cool
Often bolts like Glo, into a boat-like glow
The Earth is alert, anytime she’s talking
Even Air tells me, of the love that she breathes

The things she’s got interests in, to me looks interesting
Some men tall pass, this girl I call mentor
She isn’t too tall, just the perfect tutor
A giant I’ll rely on in the jungle more than a lion

With the eyes of Philos, seen a friend forever
With the nose of Eros, perceived a sweet lover
With the strength of Agape, God knows I really love her
I’ll always believe her as a practical believer

The water branded Eva knows she’s the best ever,
My heart already fallen yet my brain is not all in
The brain fights in the ring to stop love’s gift on Boxing Day;
A phone call from the brain and the heart postpones the ring.

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