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BRAIN versus HEART 4

I spy her face on Facebook, to book time for her real face
I always ask her what’s up, when online on Whatsapp
Enjoy my time with her, when I tweet her on Tweeter
2go’s a place to be, if that’s where she wants to go


I mind the letters I type to a girl of her type,
Housed in the chart of my heart, I love it when we chat
I often feel her vibes, not only on Viber
Not minding her tribe, I think we got the same vibes

I always like to follow up on her receptive flows
The rare kind, kind enough to follow from the rear
Hard to be inter-rested, when interested
In how this fair little pretty cutie fares

A natural hair style is often her style
Yet! You need no siesta to know you see a star,
More than just a sister, I call her ‘sisi-star’
She got lots of SWAGS, I mean; Sweet With Adorned Greatness

My heart goes for her; brain warns not to err
She got sultry lips; brain looks before it leaps
I love her curvy hip; what if challenges heap
Those perfect set of eyes could freeze me in the ice

The leap of faith is the reality of fate,
Like a fixed date to go out on a date
To mark the proposed time you end up to propose;
Uncertain as expected; ‘twill be a yes or no.

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