ECCLESIASTES 3 : 1 - 8, 12 - time for everything; weighty verses of scriptures series at

The ever real thing
For everything
Is the time
Not necessarily seasoned with thyme

This time could
Be the good
Or the bad;
That makes life bald

A time to be born
And a time reality be on,
A time to dot the i
And a time to die

A time to plant
And work like a standby plant,
And a time to harvest
And have rest

A time to kill
With the right key,
And a time to go further the hill
Just to heal

A time to tear down
Despite the dripping of tears down,
And a time to build up,
Even when the odds be up

A time to weep
Due to the whip
And a time to laugh
When the ugly past blows off like chaff

A time to grieve
The happiness bereaved
And the chance
To showcase our dance

A time to gather
and a time to scatter,
A time to accept
Or reject the concept

A time for an ultimate search
Which has an end of such,
A time to keep in your way
And a time to throw away

A time to tear to the end
And a time to mend,
A time to be quiet to the peak
And a time to speak

A time to love
Without hate to dissolve,
And time for war
Which peace is meant for

The forged rolls on like the dice;
The forged in the flames of the ice
Still reveals that urge
That can't forever be dodged

Life's fantastic
Even without a fanta stick;
Bringing together a cooker and cooler
Doesn't add up to coca-kola

No matter what the change is,
Life is about accepting changes;
Why complain of a cage,
When you've got the stage

Be content
With the content
Of the script inferred from the tract
Move on, after the act.

Create space for this weighty matter;
It's the conclusion of the whole matter;
Not about how well we can life in a can
But being happy as long as we can
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