FRIENDSHIP - A poem about true friendship

The feet of defeat, can't be the feat of victory
When true roots of truth, takes a lot to work in
To detect the effects, of defects still walking
In the minds of those, who never really mind
If you get hurt or not, when the circumstance is hot

Unspoken words with wits, into spoken word that fits
These are the steps without deceptive feet;
Raising altitudes in feits, to a high and royal seat
The feat with no defeat
, that flips the lips slit

To reveal receptive teeth, what you call a social treat

Friendship is sweet, it depends on who it's with,
Twirling feelings to tweak, a tweet not just twitter
Never to be sour, in a way that makes you soar.

A friend that walks in, when the world walks out
Rare is true love, true friendship is rarer.
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