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GENESIS 3: 15 - The battle that caused bruised Heel and the bruised head; weighty bible verses series at pengaze.com

A mischief
Thwarted through the Miss-chief;
A targeted heel,
That the world may heal

An evil genius
Tried to make its gene yours;
Used its initiative
To initiate eve

Initiated into scenes,
And let in, to sin;
Adam was seen working,
Till into sin, he walked in

It turned this terrestrial ball
To a football,
'till a real-boot
Caused life's reboot

A head crushed
By the feet of my crush,
Known as the vine
That makes me divine

They communed on
The basis of communion;
The emblem of salvation
To cure life's starvation

'twas an open discuss
About the thrown discuss;
Heads to roll per throw
To perish in sin's petrol

I see cars
Causing accidental scars;
Yet, heads can't roll,
When God's in control

A snap shot from Olympics,
Transformed to a holy pix,
To differentiate the given race
From the living grace

God in the race
Of the whole human race;
What I call grace
To grow ace

He came not as the Sun
But the Son;
A human to bruise Satan's head,
Through His rising from the dead

No bro can fit
Into the broken feet
Of this saviour
That saved all

Believe in Him,
Sing it in a hymn,
And His nature that's righteous,

Through faith will be right yours.
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