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HEART BREAK OR DAY BREAK - look before you leap; do what you mean and mean what you do; pengaze.com


Two come together to be one is the order,
If this love slips into the hands of a thief
‘Twill hands up as things become stiff,
Shot at by the killer, they call it death of love;
Relations in ships wrecked not to trek to destinations,
Oh! The candle refuses to wax great as time ticks away

Sometimes the truth chokes the throat
To make us swallow what is right,
Yet we float with what’s left;
A sign that one has board
The direction to emotional hell;
A direct shun to marital bliss

To occupy the right space is a matter of how you wait,
When on the wrong road with no ledge to stop your way
The knowledge you weigh is used less; useless,
Only a fool runs faster on a wrong road;
A destination not your destined nation;
Injuries as a result of wrong relationships

As a watch night with the search light,
Watch out not to black out;
It’s safer backing out to pull in
Than pulling in to back out;
So that rather than heart breaks,
We’ll have day breaks.
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