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I BELIEVE I CAN FLY - get inspired with the life related series at pengaze.com

I’m a flying bat bouncing off balls of fire
So devil the dragon cannot drag on my life;
With wings from on high, I’m an Angel of glory,
I need not ask at all for a better story

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I ain’t a butterfly but I fly all the same,
I fly to be wherever there is honey,
The web of the spider cannot trap me as I fly,
I fly high with wings unlike a game of cricket

I was born before, but now I'm born again;
With the wings of an eagle and the feet of a lion
I hover above jungles as my heart bell jingles;
I master the wind and rule the land

As an eagle over jungles on the wings of the wind,
I lie on in peace even when faced by the lion,
My bed got the wings to fly me into the dreamland,
In reality King of the Jungle is my brother

Satan calls the bone my world, but I’m in love with Jesus,
The fact I eat hot dogs doesn’t make me a dog;
I mean, the only call I bar is the one from the devil,
Elephants call me infant but like David, I slay giants

God is the reason I believe I can fly,
Grace is the wings making me touch heaven’s sky,
Though not every doughnut is sold for free
Heaven is for free, yes! Free indeed.
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