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I Love This Rose

Looking into the star
Thinking of where you are,
'Coz this bitter scar
Needs a sweetening sugar

Yeah, I love this feeling
That looks like dreaming;
Been a long time coming
Since I've been aiming

My love still grows
For this divine rose,
Surviving the thorny woes
Through gracious echoes

All I've got to offer
My sweetest lover
Is love that lasts forever;
That's how to stay clever

Whenever I've got a problem
Love's the emblem
Of divine system
That solves them

Love beyond the seen;
Love that'll ever win;
Love with a gene
Which eradicates sin

Don't want anything else
Is what my heart yells,
But that love beyond pearls
Which rings the joy bells

Love that can glow
Beyond the prided Glo
Love that can still grow
Everywhere you go

Though the grasses are green,
You're the reason I grin;
Though I'm cool within,
My joy's unhidden

I'll always seek your face
By your Grace
Through your ways;
Non can take your place

I don't know
Why you love me so;
I fear no foe
'Coz you're my hero

As if destined
To flow with the wind,
I actually listened
To distractions at my hind

I'm all the same getting closer,
So I ain't a loser;
You be the chooser,
I'll just be the grace user

Praise is what I'll do,
I live to adore you;
Your love has been true
To see me through

Oh! Rose of Sharon,
Keep leading me on;
Since I'm kingdom born,
Yeah! I'm your father's son.
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