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I'M HIGH - get inspired with the life related series at pengaze.com

I don't take weed; I ain't Nebuchadnezzar
I'm a divine breed; son of the most high
Demons smoke in hell; can't get as high as I am
'Cos though the devil is a smoker, God is still the Most High

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Satan had a plan; to torch me in hell
But God's hand touched me; now I'm on fire
Wasn't my desire that brought me this higher
'Twas grace that uprooted the grass in me

Always puffing the Word; drunk in the holyghost
Looking into my eye alone can get u high
Filled with the Holy Ghost not in ghost mode
You'll know you've seen Christ if you see me

Jesus was rejected to get me injected
Injected by His blood that now flows in my vein
He was slain not in vain 'cos He now reigns
I'm seated with the Most High, I know it,'I'm high'.
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