How do I survive
When the bee-hive
Is out of the honey-dive;
Pocket's out of the money-drive

I know what I got
Just as I know what I'm not;
These emotional bullets shot
Could get my hot feelings hurt

I've come so far
To be where you are,
But you turned the car
That caused my scar

I'll willingly cast down
My golden crown
And lay down
With my most precious gown

I mount this horse
Not to give up on us;
To race through the right course
Of hopefully rewarding chores

That love'll bind us always
For all our days;
That joy may grace
Our pathway not to part ways

Like the work of a foe
This love grows apart so
Oh no!!
Please don't let go.

This love's for real,
Yet the fear's real;
Sometimes, being free
Means letting go of the fairy.
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