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Should be in love with God's word to kill the love for this world
As the heart of fire fans the flames of desire
Sometimes, I covet the things I don't need
Sometimes, not being humble makes me stumble
Enticed by the porn, yes! Not of chess
But graphics to capture the caption of desiresTaking you this higher into erotic heavens
As you leap into heaps of untaught thoughts
Unraptured ruptures of twinkling emotions
That tingles down the motion of rapid demotion
Into stagnant emulsions of destructive stacked ants
Hmm, lost indeed in exotic lusts
Searching satisfaction that was never lost
Yet the master bathes us in His word to escape
The sword of the Spiritual master of probation
Who unleashed his tool of masturbation to promote
The fornicator's fun indicators which is sponsored
By the coin of coined habits to co-habit
The choice left for what's right draws strength from God's voice
The Length of God's distance is just a breathe away
Breathe out your stress, let God breathe to you full rest.
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