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MY TEA GOD - our God is sweet and mighty; life related series at pengaze.com

I ain’t a butterfly but I fly because of grace;
Sin made me nuts, pinned me down to the ground,
Jesus came along, picked me up like groundnuts;
I am His piece of bread which He always needs to butter

I call Him My Tea God ‘cos he is sweeter than honey,
Got no stomach aches from eating His stomach cakes
‘Cos my Cake of Peace isn’t a piece of cake;
I’m a flourished palm tree on the palm of His hand

The bees are jelous when God calls me honey
The apple wonders why I'm the apple of His eyes
Jesus is my sweet tea; I'm His sweetie as His bride,
Jesus is my hot tea; I'm His hottie as His bride

Mighty God of wonders; He is My Tea God,
He crossed the Ts on the cross; He is My Tea God,
My cup of tea was death; He gulped the cup of wrath,
This God is mighty; He is My Tea God.
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