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PENCIL - be the pencils to write down someone's else happiness and eraser to erase sadness; get inspired at pengaze.com

From that cursed tree on which Jesus died
The council of darkness created a pencil;
Made more on point through the sharpener of sin
To shade us into a black and white life;
Caught in the art of the picture of sin
Till the eraser of grace corrects our mistakes

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I know I'm a pencil in the hands of the creator
Left to wright the right stuffs about the created
As a creative extension from God the Create-Head;
I write down the ups of happiness no matter what happens next,
Life's caught in strife through the sharpener that sharpens her knife;
I'm an eraser to erase her mystery of misery

I'm a product from the tree of life;
Not a photocopy; original image of Christ,
I bear green leaves that makes life grin live;
The sign of His glory designs my story,
My life's spent out just to glorify his name;
My name's penned down in His book of fame.
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