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REAL ROOT OF LIFE - mathematics; tree of life; life related series at pengaze.com

The breathe of life with unlimited length
Has got its area right within you,
Trying to save yourself without a saviour
Is to entangle yourself in try-angles


The erect angle of elevation from depression
Is found in Christ, the light of the world;
Integrated into Christ, differentiated from the world;
Subtracted from the world to be added to God

Multiplying in grace through an equation of love
As the sword of the Spirit divides through our soul,
United without fraction in direction of love’s vector;
With love as the solution, all problem is solved

Whole numbers of demons raised to powers of darkness
Cannot calculate how the factor of our light
Links our true roots not to the square roots of Adam
But to the seed of the woman, the real root of life

So my life is simultaneous to this real root of life
And not circles of generations down my square roots;
Shaped by the word not to love this world
I’m a beautiful bride in love with Christ.
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