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REALM OF FEAR TO LOVE - we aren't victims of the law under death but victors over the law over sin; pengaze.com

From time everlasting he exists, hence
His existence is eternal, of a truth I know,
My earthly birth’s maternal, heavenly birth paternal;
A switch from the first Adam to the second Adam


From the lady called Martha, I learnt the things that matter;
So I won’t end up a matter only occupying space,
Baptized into a ship that is better than titanic;
A ship called Christ that has got all that you seek

A lesson from Mary to be married to Jesus;
Seated at His feet, patient enough to wait
Through great feits of works, Martha bore lots of weight;
Yet couldn’t please a master pleased only by His bride

He is more interested in the things He does for us
Than what we do for Him which we allow to choke us;
He turns our works of fate into works of faith;
No more works of death as shining lights on the earth

Love is the watch word of true worship to God;
Limitless liberty only bound by love,
Love for the Lord and to push our neighbor forward;
The Love shed abroad in our hearts by God

God was known already, so why did Jesus come?
He came as the only way to link us to God’s kingdom;
Through marriage we become part of the family of God
As the bride of Jesus Christ, our one and only Lord

Under the Law of sin, fear of death made me serve God
But now under grace, I can cry Abba father;
From a realm of fear to a realm of love,
Relationship with Christ is the evidence of grace.
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