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Sin came into the scene as seen,
Yet, God reached me from the background, not minding the background information of my background, just to prevent my back from reaching the ground;

I've been rebuked to be re-booked just for the evil page to be re-torn by my return with a heart thrown at the feet of His throne. What a critical stage to mount life's stage from this tune that caused my dis-tune;

My feet on steps not to step on feet;
A stirred case down the staircase.
Can't afford to get lost in the stream I ford; The thought caused by the taught
as the taught in turn affects the thought.

All the same, grace stands in to keep me standing; This grace that shuts my disgrace to enable a motion not controlled by my emotion. The motion without demotion. That's why, no matter how weighty the matter is,
Grace occupies the space to make my besetting sin no more seen.

Life's cage can't cage me 'cos God's grace still graces me; I'm a ward of the Word that's freed from the world's ward, so I'll belt the Word to my waist without a bet of wast so that if life were FIFA, I wouldn't feel far from setting goals to score goals.

I know God the referee, my ref's real;
He will aid me clean my running shoes beyond 'KLIN', and sleep with them on not to slip from chasing my dream beyond the rim. I'll overtake any demon with them on.

As I'm on a go without my weighty ego,
Rather than a fisherman that be selfish,
I'll sell fish to fish a man to be fishers of men.
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