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SHE MUST BE A VIRGIN - Get inspired articles; chastity

Now speaking my mind and giving my general view about this; many of us (male/female) are virgins not necessarily because we were good enough to control ourselves but possibly because the environment we grew up in didn't present overwhelming opportunities for us to.



We should be careful not to present virginity as something without value when we talk about it especially (for ministers that have a mixed crowd). Whether we like it or not, just like the hair represents glory to a lady, virginity is a sense of pride to human, though the society attaches more importance w.r.t this to ladies. My point is that virginity should be encouraged. Cherish your unknown future spouse and let God help you keep yourself pure for him/her. All the same there's something bigger and better than virginity; it's called CHASTITY. Don't just be a virgin, be a chaste virgin.


When speaking about virginity, we should not over-attach too much importance to it, because you can be chaste without being a virgin; so also you can be a virgin without being chaste. Some people were chaste yet abused, raped, etc. So my point is that though its good to celebrate virginity, it is better to celebrate chastity. Celebrating virginity beyond chastity is something I have witnessed to promote hypocrisy especially amidst Christians


My candid advice to anyone venturing into marriage is to go for chastity and not virginity. To illustrate further, someone that has undergone divers sexual activities with multiple partners e.g. Fingering, oral, anal, lesbianism etc. Without breaking the hymen can still claim to be a virgin after all. Why celebrate such a virgin over some one who's chaste.

Marriage will be in the present, so forget the past of his/her being unchaste; if he/she really was , and be concerned with the present; If you are truly in love, that won't be much of a big deal. I hope this piece of advice is enough bread for peace; A covering hat to protect your heart from the blazing rays of enslaving mindsets.
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