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Life isn’t pretty fair, yet you are cutely fair
Didn’t need Physics, to note your awesome physique
I studied the Science, to fathom this Chemistry
So I solved the Maths, to be narrated in English


Your words were true, that you were born to rule
In place of teddy bear, I got teddy and beards
You are the wife material, a yard away from me
Yes! Wife more than WiFi, connected to a blessed life

Life was looking cold till God sent you as the code;
To be the friendly sweater, to make my life sweeter
So when men say life’s bitter, I’ll say life’s getting better
I ain’t on body hugs, so from you I need a hug

You are the only bread, I really want to toast
Fantastic and classic with a unique physique,
A beautiful Angel, and not a beauty fool
Specially social, yet! Socially special.
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