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ICE – CREAM - poem written with rap rhythm; get inspired with the life related series at pengaze.com

Let me tell you something about this God you got
He is sweeter than the sweetest of all sweet yogurts
He fights all my battles, victory is all I scream
I’ve tasted and seen Him, as the sweetest ice-cream
Was blind but now can see He has parted the sea
Because my eye was touched by His eyes cream

 Image result for 3d man licking ice cream

In me is sweet content, that’s why I’m content
His Fanta sticks in me, and makes me fantastic
The Spirit’s within me, I’m the shoe and He’s the sole
My sugar with no cane, my charm with no pain
Satan tries to Club my Heart but ended a Joker
He tried to crack my ribs but my laughter never ceases

Jesus the one for me ‘cos he died for me
You see without Him, I can tell you I’m nothing
He’s given me a voice, unsubdued by this noise
Maybe no need for speed ‘cos I’ve already drifted
From the path of dooms day into this war room
The place I got shelter when men run helter skelter

This ice-cream sweetens me, that’s why I scream
I always scream praises as my life pay raises
Made an ice-cream to many yet I didn’t pay a penny
Got testifiers saying I taste of fire
God’s heart of desire has brought me this higher
To keep puffing the Spirit and coughing the Word

I need no sugar to be sweet, so they lick me like sweet
I’m ”Iyawo Jesu”, he calls me honey
Been made into ice-cream by the one to whom I scream
To perfect sweet fellowship amidst fellow sheep
The church isn’t a market square, Jesus whipped them out
So don’t come seeking beef nor try to sell fish

This world is sweet but not as sweet as me
In me is life that surpasses the Earth
I blow Christ’s trumpet in the nose of death
I bubble as gum in the teeth of despair
I love my life as I scream my identity
Christian is who I am, You can call me ice-cream

An ice-cream with a difference, Branded in Christ
Divine lollipop that subdues life’s hiccups
Love is my make-up, God’s word is my mirror
Life’s not pretty fine, but you see I’m fine
Not making up at all, I mean really really fine
Christ is my status, I hope you state yours

Ice-cream with a difference, God’s own brand
The foe tastes of me and knows God is my hero
I’m a lion in the jungle ruling over champions
Unmoved on Zion, As I scream from the peak
I’m the god of war that defeated god of iron
To explain further, God is my father.
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