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WOO MAN - emotions and feelings series at pengaze


Who is man to the woman or the woman to woo man,
Being busy next to the busy nest of business,
What's this stir to stare; fear not fair for my fare;
The fence of defence becoming the opposition to go up position;
Why did this appear to make the musical flow of FLO dissapear;
Guarding to guard in your heart to base in this garden,
Till it turns the lost Eden's garden that's hidden;
Though the paid dues, the morning dew's unseen on scene;
This vow-lense that subdues violence lets go of my rose that tingles the marrows;
So the seat-head, bones the charm of pain with the champagne of consolation,
Without deceit, the seat held on to one of those sitted but not deceit heard;
The apple of the chapel became the winner to win her.

*FLO: stage name of a melodious singer
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