MY KING – king of kings; master of the universe; returning to worship; spoken word at

He’s the king of the Jews that brought good news to use His blood to loose us from Satan’s abuse in order to infuse His Spirit on us and amuse us with His love without asking for any dues. He’s the king of righteousness who was selfless enough to change our hopelessness to greatness and bless us despite our mess to make His fullness perfect in our weakness. He’s the king of the ages that paid the wages of sin to redeem us from all evil cages. He follows us through life stages like pages of a life book to stop any storm that rages against us. He’s the king of heaven that has woven grace that delivers us from the raven of the Pharisees. Even when in the oven of trials, we scale through as the raven scales through the wind. He’s the king of glory who acts in a hurry to change our story ‘cos He feels sorry to see His children worry.


Sinners turn from their wrong as winners sing their song, the dove spreads its wings as heaven’s bell rings, nature transforms its beauty as man performs his duty, civilians praise with words as soldiers raise their swords, nations bow down as kings cast their crowns, we His children let out our shout without any doubt, even the devil wags his tail as demons fail; all these just in respect of my one and only king. He’s the King of kings and the Lord of lords. The master of gods and owner of the flaming sword. The living word that we applaud for breaking evil pods and tearing the devils cord. The air we breathe and the food we eat, saviour we reckon with and spirit that keeps us fit, brother with whom we sit on a heavenly seat, lamp to our feet that makes our path lit, creator of time who’s unbound by eternity; existed before ancient time, constant in this changing time and persists when time ceases to be.

Wait a minute; have you ever been thankful to this truthful God? Have you ever been grateful to this powerful God? Have you ever been praiseful to this faithful God? Have you ever been prayerful to this wonderful God? Have you ever been hopeful in this graceful God? Have you ever been joyful for His bountiful promises? If yes, then how long will you continue to let Him say, “if I be your father, where is my love; if I be your master, where is my fear”. Brothers and sisters, it is high time we arise and return to our first love; returning to a place of worship to His Lordship in spirit and in truth.

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BABIES OF THE MIND (part four) – the law of love and positive feelings; the power of forgiveness; get inspired at

Part 1     Part 2    Part 3    Part 4
Whether you like it or not, just as gravity exists as a law, there’s a law of love that holds the universe; Life is authored by God and God is love. “Take away love and our earth is a tomb.”- Robert Browning. Love, because when you love, you are using the greatest power in the universe. The force of love got no equated opposite; love is the ultimate power that authors positive things; all the negative things you see in the world is always as a result of a lack of love just as darkness is only an absence of light. The law of love attracts your desires to you; it brings back into your life whatever you give out to life (Luke 6: 38). Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. What many people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things.


Your mind is powerful; if you fill it with positivity, your life certainly changes. You need to feel love in order to harness its power. “The emotions must be called upon to give feeling to the thought so it will take form.” – Charles Ifuanel. Your feelings can either be positive or negative. Positive feelings depict love while negative feelings depict an absence of love. Your good feelings are linked to your good thoughts; it’s impossible to feel bad and have good thoughts at the same time. Gratitude is found on love filling you with a passionate joy of enthusiastic excitement; smile and laugh more; after all, no one is in charge of your happiness except you. However good or bad a situation is it’s going to change, so get rid of those ill feelings and anything that isn’t useful. Forgiving may not mean forgetting but it certainly means letting go of the hurt; forgive yourself for your mistakes, forgive life for making you a victim of circumstance, and forgive everyone for everything. “An eye for an eye only ends making the world go blind.” – Mahatma Ghandhi. Yes, forgiveness doesn’t change the past but it does enlarge the future so stick with love because hate is too great a burden to bear. Enjoy life each moment and no matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up to embrace love for the best is yet to come; love never gives up on hope but leads to satisfaction. Be careful of what you wish for. Negative feelings such as fear, despair, guilt, envy, hate, anger, worry, disappointment, irritation and boredom don’t aid good thoughts. Having an amazing life starts from having good feelings.

Oh! How hurtful it is to deny one’s true self and live a life of lies just to appease others. Rather than have negative thoughts of things you can’t control why not invest your energy in the current positive moment. Come on; make peace with your past so it won’t soil your present. I wouldn’t exactly say that what people think of you is none of your business but you need to understand that the less you worry about what people think, the less complicated life becomes. Rather than letting people, circumstance or anything change/influence the way you feel, why not be in charge of your feelings to influence your immediate environment positively? Respond intelligently to unintelligent treatment. Be like a tree to haters; drop fruits to benefit them while they throw stones at you. Don’t compare your life to others; you got no idea of what their journey is all about. Envy is a waste of time just as gossip is a waste of energy; just live simple so that others can simply live. Love yourself because you’re unique and wonderful in your own way; you don’t need people’s approval to feel good about yourself. Scars can turn stars, zeroes can turn heroes; improve who you are, for God has made you superior; you become inferior when you choose to be someone else.
Part 1     Part 2    Part 3    Part 4
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CU-NIFES DEY PRAISE - Christian Union Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students UGBOWO UNIBEN/UBTH jingles; audio and lyrics

CHORUS (eazy and da voice):

CU-NIFES dey praise the Ancient of Days
This God wey dey keep us kampe, we go hail am all the way
This God wey dey keep us kampe, we go hail am all the way


VERSE 1 (eti):

Yahweh in all your ways, no one looks like you
Looking at the things you do today, no one compares to you
CU-NIFES dey hail, you give us all a place
Where good things no dey cease, we go dey hail you all the way

CHORUS (eazy and da voice):

CU-NIFES dey praise the Ancient of Days
This God wey dey keep us kampe, we go hail am all the way
This God wey dey keep us kampe, we go hail am all the way

VERSE 2 (samkleezy):

Jehovah, na you make us Extra-Cool; No be MTN but Extra-Connect
To this grace wey dey keep us from disgrace; Aha, a o leti asala so God’s word dey easily click
Chai, Glo go tell you the story; Of how grace dey make us glow with glory
See, good things no dey cease, all glory is His; His way is shocking, no be Engineer Kolombus
CU-NIFES, you see, you na first; So our praise is over due Jehovah over do
O.K., our worship dey bomb even warship; For sure, piano dey follow the soprano
Well, satan dey tremble at our treble; At the sound of our auto, miracle is automobile
Our bass falls walls of Jericho to the base; Ehen, na God win anytime we win

CHORUS (eazy and da voice):

CU-NIFES dey praise the Ancient of Days
This God wey dey keep us kampe, we go hail am all the way
This God wey dey keep us kampe, we go hail am all the way

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A PROFIT OF HARDWORK (Prov 14: 23) – don’t just talk the work but work the talk; weighty verse of scriptures at

Don’t just talk the work but work the talk,
Take a walk with hard work to work hard;
Success may seems to say NO, abbreviated to Next Opportunity
You aren’t a failure until you agree you are one


Hardwork had work for profit which the lazy forfeit;
The lazy nest that houses laziness;
The wings of the bird cut by the sleeping bed;
Only talking the talk; never doing the work

Some work like elephants and eat like ants;
Hardworking men with profits of infants,
Still tilling the ground, yet, riches stand still;
Wealth in debt; poverty on the earth

Behind the scenes of failure, never to be seen
Death the curse; sin the cause;
Death of the good to birth in life, the bad,
Poverty’s not the plan of this God of riches

It’s either you’re trust in God or thrust in self,
Sin had a bound to abound in death;
Painted us heartless; made us use our hearts less;
Now, we aren’t bound less but boundless in Christ

I’m a servant of God; I don’t serve ants,
God’s word that I heard said I’m made to be the head,
The dignity of labour is fruitful results;
That’s why to succeed is my one and only resort

I got the right birth for this birthright;
Exploit is my birthright since Jesus made my birth right,
Challenge’s a piece of meat that can’t steal peace from my soul;
The me I cool is always in line for miracle

Circumstance said she low but Hannah was lifted in Shiloh;
He places the uncomfortable on comfort tables,
Hurt reeds from hot deeds; ridicule not for reeds He cools;
Disappointment with self to this appointment with God.

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FALLING IN LOVE VERSUS WALKING IN LOVE – stand in love; the heart versus the brain; emotions and feelings of love series at

They say, “The best way to avoid disappointment is not to expect anything from anyone because though one heart leads to another, a heart can only be so strong.” When the variable is not available, the available can’t be variable. True love can never be wrong if it’s truth. Since what we got in our chest is not a hat, then, “Everyone has got love” is a statement that’s right; we’re left with an option to expect love from anyone. If you want your love to work for you, then work for your love. To have beauty is to have only that but to manifest love is beautiful. True love doesn’t just say they love each other, they do that by heart. True love’s beyond the deeds that’ll end in the “did”. It’s beyond the tongue that gives a melodious song. It’s more of a willing heart to serve; Love is a nature to leave out selfish principles to live out God’s principles. It’s like a mustard seed planted by God and watered by man. Love is touching; you’ve touched when you love. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all; after all, you never lose by loving; you only lose by holding back. Love the heart that hurt you but never hurt the heart that loves you because love ceases to be a demon when love ceases to be a god. If love were to be for the sake of love, then the lover’s capable of destroying the loved. No wonder God loves not just for the sake of love but for the sake of the beloved.


A girl once told me, “I never loved the men I liked and never liked the men I loved” Infatuated by likes in facts rated by love, falling in love and unable to walk in love, emotional attachment only subdued by intentional detachment. Love to cope with a hope to cope with love; it’s good to fall in love but better to walk in love. I mean, it’s not wrong to fall into love, yet, it’s right to stand and ascend from an unconscious subconscious to consciously walk in love; some folks are only interested in the movement and not the destination, forgetting that love’s not just in deeds but a fulfillment of a law which belongs to love itself; a law that involves not only emotions from the heart but a motion from the brain within your thought’s hat. Don’t go for polluted water just because the bottle’s packaged and branded. Trust me; you’ll look pathetic drinking poisonous content just because you like the cup. Cups don’t cure hiccups, their content do the cure to eventually make you content.

Love (Eros) is like war, easy to begin but hard to end; it is friendship (Philos) set on fire. Friendship (Philos) often ends in love (Eros) but love (Eros) that ends in friendship (Philos) is rare. Friendship is the foundation on which true love is built. Learn to be your own friend because there are going to be days when no one is seemingly going to be there for you but yourself. You know, one must learn to love one’s self before one can love another. Love yourself enough to know that your first love is not necessarily your truest love. Letting a fool kiss you may be a mistake but letting that kiss fool you turns you into a fool. Broken hearts heal with time if one lets time be the broken chords from life’s piano.
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EPHESIANS 5: 1, 2 – LOVE CEASES TO BE A DEMON WHEN LOVE CEASES TO BE A GOD; short story; greedy love; weighty verses of scriptures; parent and kid series at

The best dad in the whole world has done it again. He sweetened my birthday with a gift that filled the void of my expectation; a gift I got so fond of in less than 24 hours. I was having fun with this gift the next day when I slipped and fell; the gift in question dropped from my hands and got damaged. This definitely tweaks the beautiful story into a shocking experience in the absence of electricity and presence of my heart’s cushioned shock absorber. What an unforgettable experience for a seven years old kid.


My dad rushed towards where I lay; he picked up the gift rather than help me up. As if that wasn’t enough, the words from my father further hit me in the heat of confusion, “Do you know how much I spent on this gift, it’s not even up to two days and you’ve already got it damaged. Do you think I pluck money from trees?” Dazed in this maze of coined feelings, I needed to feed on corns of understanding; a need for speed to get answers to questions drifting off my mind’s path to wander off in wonder, as I lay still, still on the ground that grazed my Knee.

The question remains, “Did my dad own the gift or I did? Did he purchase it for himself or for me? Did he do what he did out of love or selfishness?”  Love is meant for service rather than used to Lord over others; love ceases to be a demon when love ceases to be a god. If love’s just for the sake of love, then the lover will destroy what he loves. No wonder God loves not just for the sake of love but for the sake of the beloved.
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CU-NIFES SAYS TO BELIEVERS - Christian Union Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students UGBOWO UNIBEN/UBTH jingles; audio and lyrics; track 17


This is a message to believers all over the world from the house of CUNIFES. Listen and be blessed, alright


CHORUS (eazy):

CUNIFES says to believers let us reach the whole world with the Word
CUNIFES says to believers let us reach the whole world with the Word

VERSE 1 (samkleezy):

(mhhhhh, see)
To reach out is the vision that’s hindered by division; the version of diversion which men shun to mention
Disunity destroys this unity of ours; so come out of your night and let us unite
That the world may believe us that we are believers; Let us take the word of God to the whole wide world
For the cease of their decease that rages like the seas; the nature of sin and the wages not seen

HOOK (eazy):

To reach out is the mission; to see souls saved is the vision
And you are the one that the Lord has sent; to preach the word, to reach the world
To sing his song and to heal the world; Jesus is calling you, reach out
To the world with His word and you’ll sing the new song and you’ll preach his word
To everyone that is out there waiting for you


CUNIFES says to believers let us reach the whole world with the Word
CUNIFES says to believers let us reach the whole world with the Word

VERSE 2 (samkleezy):

We are the living epistles shot from divine pistols; to make the nation immune to deadly ammunitions
We got to change the world and really push it forwards; we’re worded and we’re loaded, so fear, be gone

HOOK (eazy):

To reach out is the mission; to see souls saved is the vision
And you are the one that the Lord has sent; to preach the word, to reach the world
To sing his song and to heal the world; Jesus is calling you, reach out
To the world with His word and you’ll sing the new song and you’ll preach his word
To everyone that is out there waiting for you


Be the one God will use to spread His good news; the harvest is much but the labourers are few
Just stand on the watch is what’s required of you; reach out to the world with the word of the Lord


CUNIFES says to believers let us reach the whole world with the Word
CUNIFES says to believers let us reach the whole world with the Word
CUNIFES says to believers let us reach the whole world with the Word
CUNIFES says to believers let us reach the whole world with the Word


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EMOTION’S CALL – sex and sexuality; get inspired with the chastity series at

These peculiar features featured in God’s mind
When he moulded Adam and carved out Eve;
His build and her make, a blessing from the maker,
His words for her affection; her physique for his chemistry


Gifted weapons from God not for mass destruction,
Private procreation in love and recreation of life;
Not recreation to feed the eyes of lusted fellows
But procreation of two in unified Philos

His weapon seeks to rise and shine at the sight of her;
Yeah! Boys got no control; their device got to roll,
Led by a troll called lust that soon dies in a row,
Men got direction; power for direct shun

Her weapon seeks attention on the site of his affection
Sexy gets to girls’ head until sexed to an Ex;
Rather than pay attention to the lust that gets her lost,
The lady gives from first even to a tenth shun

He isn’t a filling station that needs your patrol,
She isn’t a drained car either that needs your petrol;
You both end jerks per throw he makes you receive,
Being deceived by the lust you actually perceive

The activity he does through your open doors
Is only an intense deviation from God’s intent;
Emotions before marriage isn’t cart before the horse,
Just a fire of patience that refines you as gold

The momentary passion of patience for patients of love;
Metamorphosis of caterpillar to be a pillar,
Lust but for lies, love but I fly;
The chaste to be chased is the butterfly in my belly.
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GOOD NEWS – lyrics of CUNIFES jingle; Christian Union Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students; UNIBEN UGBOWO/UBTH at


CUNIFES we don come again o
We have come with goodnews wey no dey cease o
CUNIFES we don come again o
We have come with goodnews wey no dey cease o



VERSE 1 (davidkings):

(Baba Loke)
Chukwu Nonyem, God is king; Ask him and you will receive
Open your heart and don’t be deceived; God the father, e dey always forgive
Listen, In this time of the year; He wiped my tears and taught me how to bear
Gave me a heart, taught me never to fear; And gave me his word always to share


CUNIFES we don come again o
We have come with goodnews wey no dey cease o
CUNIFES we don come again o
We have come with goodnews wey no dey cease o

VERSE 2 (samkleezy):

This is I AM THAT I AM; Saying my son come take am
Chimo zamzamzamzam ; Na so you have to talk am (yeahyeah-yeye-yeahyeah)
Just come out from your grieve (oh yeah); God is ready to forgive (oh yeah)
You just have to believe; Dry bones can rise; the dead can live


CUNIFES (we have come again)
We don come again o
We have come with goodnews wey no dey cease o
( We have brought the good news to you oh-hu-oh)

 HOOK (gracy):

To the white, to the dark, to the tall, to the short, to hall 1, to hall 2 and everybody e-yea-hei
Jesus is waiting (yea-yea-ah); And He is saying (we have come again-ain)
Oh sinner come home; I am waiting for you (we have come again to see you, to make you smile…yeah-eh)
Jesus is waiting; And He is saying
Oh sinner come home; I am waiting for you

We have come again; we have come for you just to make you happy
We have brought joy; We have brought peace
We have brought rest, hope and help for you o….


CUNIFES we don come again o
We have come with goodnews wey no dey cease o
CUNIFES we don come again o
We have come with goodnews wey no dey cease o

VERSE 3 (davidkings):

He’s the lily of the valley; brighter than the morning star
Creator of the whole world; but Himself was never created
Oh my God I thank you o; For this great opportunity
And I wish to tell you this; About the gospel of Christ
Seeing today is not a mistake; Many wished to see but could not make it
Oh God I thank you for being part of this; So let’s come and celebrate this
He never sleeps, He never slumbers; He’s never tired of hearing our prayers
He’s not a man that He should lie nor the son of man that He should repent


CUNIFES (we don come) we don come again o
We have come with goodnews wey no dey cease o (we have brought the goodnews to you oh-ho-oh-ho..)
CUNIFES (we have come again o) we don come again o (we have come again o…)
We have come with goodnews wey no dey cease o

VERSE 4 (gracy):

He came to die for you; And die for me too (and die for me too)
Na hin dey turn sinners into winners o (into winners o)
Was slain to make us reign; Died like a fool to make us rule (died like a fool to make us rule)
This Jesus o na for every body (na for everybody)
Jesus is waiting (oh yeah); And He is saying (oh yeah)
Oh sinner come home; I am waiting for you (I am waiting for you)
Jesus is waiting (he’s waiting); And He is saying (he’s calling you)
Oh sinner come home; I am waiting for you (today, come home)

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THE VISIT HORSE - suitors that suit us; emotion and feeling series at

Many visitors come to visit us but only one is the visit-horse,
To carry her away through a way I don’t know if to call her way;
He surrenders his back to back his home in order to come back,
Having her at his back, vowing to always watch her back.
Whether they put on suits or not, she can’t suit all the suitors that suit us;
It’s not about “some won” since someone has to be the best.
As God’s the supervisor that can successfully supervise all,
Let love be the lecturer that will lecture her.

The metaphor you met her for was ordained to be for what’s before;
Her robe to be knit needs to be neat for her not to be beneath
This is a motion speech of emotion struggling in a slow motion of static emulsion
Girl of my dream getting off the rim of my dream to put off my dream;
Why try to grate her with a grater that’s greater than her,
When God did not make her for you to make her fall;
Her response ability is not necessarily your responsibility,
Fear of the star-thick response that makes love static;
What if she could take a loan alone just for you to leave her alone;
This side of fear that makes you decide in an unfair sphere
To get on through to her through ways untrue,
Forgetting an unseen eye through heaven’s youtube watches you too
To evaluate your love with a U-tube meant just for you.
The complexity of love makes perplexity revolve when uncertain fear’s involved
To make certain hope revolve around a faith that evolves.
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ALL HAVE SINNED (ROMANS 3: 23) – Weighty verses of scriptures; The Exile of Adam and Eve; grace series at

God’s intention was the creation of beauty;
Beauty without the limits of the words B-U-T,
Till beauty kissed the beast forgetting this isn’t Disney;
This Eve was deceived to affect this praying knee;
An act that empowered the devil’s preying kneel;
The woman did woo man with a pull of an apple

A tension sick in seeking a lot of attention,
Sin is seen in the scene of the beauty story;
Death on the earth; war against glory
Conflict in the soul; pain to inflict,
Deception of diversion from God’s own way;
A selfish wisdom; the world sown way

How did she earn a meal from the enemy?
A voice from the liar for choice against truth;
Doubting God’s trustworthiness to align with worldliness,
Holiness transformed into whole illness;
Adam and Eve decide to be on this side
Where they choose to be a law unto themselves

This obedience replaced with disobedience;
Separated to make God a separate head;
Drifting apart from God’s given word
To conform to the lies of an untruthful world;
Introduced into sin by the father of all liars,
Devastating consequences of a fractured harmony

Now man must pay in to relieve this pain
As God’s unhidden presence now seems hidden in Eden,
Now sin becomes plausible; possibly in vogue;
Living in a world with no experience of God’s presence;
Without gratitude; a self-conceived way;
Eden becomes hidden; rebellion caused the exile

Heaven and Earth; God’s realm and our realm
Should have been this united just like Father and son,
But here is loneliness from a resulting shame;
Sin’s a lone illness; life is per head,
The wages of sin to be paid at the cost of a pal’s head;
Grace afore given to accept we are forgiven

Man meets the cross road yet the code’s not decoded,
Christ walks the road with the cross on his back;
He has always got our back; as trees, he’s our bark;
The curse of creation is forever overthrown;
No more games of thrones; no more fight over a throne;
We were dead offsprings but now spring off to the life source

Born by the first Adam; born again by the second;
The free air time I breathe in is God's love per seconds
I'm dead to sin; no more death in my scene;
Old things are passed away just like passing time,
I'm a new creature enveloped; sealed by the Spirit;
Stamped by grace to go and sin no more.
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CREATION OF BEAUTY (GENESIS 1 - 2; JOHN 1)– God’s intention; weighty verses of scriptures series at

A drummer echoing sounds of the gene aces,
I drum a poetic beat of who the genius is,
The drama all begins right from the genesis;
All true revelations all through revealed actions
With the perfect God on stage to stage all of creation;
A world evolved through the potency of His word

He makes a perfect man and a befitting woman;
An Adam complemented by Eve and not Steve,
Unhidden in Eden was the essence of God’s presence,
As God’s image bearers man is first to manifest
God’s divine intentions; the vine’s intents shown;
All that God creates is created good and perfect

A divine equation that transforms two into one;
Adam in fellowship with Eve who’s a fellow sheep
With God as captain of this Philos-ship,
Close trusting relationship with the God of creation;
Humanity’s harmony with divinity’s reality
And the rest of God’s creation asides man and woman

Male and female together, we are world-shaping beings
Significant with will, we make our own decisions;
We’re God’s beautiful creation gifted life from the creator;
The image of God is God’s own description,
Adam and Eve worked Eden and took care of it;
We’ve been made for a purpose to express God on earth.
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WAITING FOR TIME - though time waits for no man, man got to wait for time on this one; chastity series at

There’s a tool to remain hidden until it’s time for its time,
Marriage is the time; legal seasoning thyme,
Chastity in waiting is a butter of peace
That can enrich marriage’s piece of bread with marital bliss

Waiting in patience doesn’t make you a waiter
But in essence, only makes your love weightier;
This sense of weight of decency is what really matters
As you occupy your space in reference to marriage

Then you’ll be happy his car is without brakes,
Then you’ll be glad that her wheels seek no breaks;
One will from dual desires; sparkles of live-wires;
Two come together to become the perfect one

Wait for the perfect time to go wild on him,
Wait for the perfect time to worship her body,
The safest thing to wear when with someone you love
Is not a balloon but the ring from marriage

Abstinence doesn't have to be torture
Virgin by choice waiting until marriage
Single, saved and not having sex
God wants us to wait, get married and be faithful

These stiff-necked emotions cause a lot of headaches;
Enticing feelings to swallow stomach cakes;
Lots of stomach cakes that present stomach aches;
It’s better to wait till migraine turns my grin

A donde of lust isn’t same as the don of love,
My inner me takes me inner to withstand my enemy;
Don’t photocopy the crowd; be the star on the stage;
Nokia from behind still remains an ‘Aikon’

Maybe chastity today from the world got no applause
Integrity confirms it is always a plus,
Sickened by the lust that calls it a minus
But healed by the love that turns out my nurse.

*Don: Top man, awesome, cool, boss
*Donde: unwise
*Aikon: icon
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MOVE ON - emotion and feelings series at

Our sex is either male or female;
Different poles attracting into a fussion
Of Natural Eros boarding her rose;
Intriguing feelings that’ll blossom in his bossom

This isn’t what to call stories for the Gods;
Peculiar both to the male and the female sex
Which you don’t mind to fantasize in your mind
Yet call it cock and bull talk as the fence of defence

Involuntary actions of voluntary acts shunned,
Imprisoned in emotion cells through stimulated cells,
But this unit of life should be seen as natural;
Accepting the truth is what sets free to root

I sight naked teeth on the site of stiff-necked feelings;
The grin lives on if the green leaves not;
Everything got a season to be seasoned with a salt;
Putting the cart before the horse ends in emotion’s assault

Cool to be careful not to end a care-fool,
Let this feeling of love keep you grateful
But don’t let the brush of lust paint you as great fool,
No matter what, mistakes should neither steal nor still your heart

Mistakes do not mean you cannot end up right,
Life may be mean but its breath hasn’t left;
Still got length enough to determine your area;
The area you choose for your heart’s resolution.
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BED UNDEFILED - emotions and feelings; chastity series at

Not all give a damn about Adam’s loneliness;
Unseen void in the morning till the eve as Miss Eve;
A void needing filling not by the infilling;
The Holy Spirit doesn’t stop you from being human

It’s not phenomenal to be nominal about truth;
True roots in powers of emotional square roots;
Real roots integrated into equations of love;
You need more than try angles; Garbage In Garbage Out

A natural chemistry in the physics of our passion;
His car is without brakes; her wheels seek no breaks;
Budded burdens boarded by uncontrolled wooden feelings;
Chastity is key as a key for solution

Full pain being painful doesn’t mean less pain is painless;
A car race that caresses every race of the world;
Peculiar to both sexes; the male and female sex,
For procreation and appealing recreation

This bed undefiled isn’t bed under-fired;
Not over-fired either through emotions that hover;
A metamorphosis of perfect fusion
With a confident confidant for love’s diffusion

Wait till it's time to enjoy the weight of thyme;
Lust sends forth spies but love waits for the spice;
Mature your emotions to match your intention
So you don't defile the bed and blame it on the devil.
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THE SEX DRIVE - emotions and feelings; chastity series at

Sex as activity or sex as identity,
Sex and sensuality or sex and sexuality,
Sensual chase-tities or sexual chastity,
The session of lust or decision for its cession

It’s interesting how people got interest in sex
But seek not knowledge of the makeup of their sex;
I’m talking laying foundations without Mary K;
Not talking make-up sex but your sex as male or female

Never move a motion to war against emotion
Channel emotion through slow motion of emulsions
It’s a natural feeling that’s also scriptural
So when you see the signs, know it’s God’s design

Don’t make yourself an eunuch when you were not born one,
Forgive the ugly past; package presents for the future,
Pre-tend your garden rather than pretend a spirit;
You got to tend emotions so you don’t tend wounds

To stop bleeding, stop touching the wound;
Wound yourself in love; love yourself and love life
Life is good because God is good;
Even God is good motors will confirm this to you

The three traffic lights is all you need;
The read red eyed like the red sea indeed,
The yellow saying, “Hello, get ready for your deed.”
The grin that widens your grin when the land’s green for harvest

You are the President, it is just the Vice;
Prevent harmful vices by heeding to advice;
Hold your device as the vice for safety;
Sex, only in marriage is the perfect safe tea

Sex done in marriage is a well done
But out of marriage, it is just only done;
Since the cooking of a stone never gets done,
The lust you cooked is only love undone

Love’s not just sex in action but affection with passion,
Friendship set on fire; established communication,
Understanding marriage; wisdom to stay knit together,
Hot without hurt; selfless love is lots more.
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