CREATION OF BEAUTY (GENESIS 1 - 2; JOHN 1)– God’s intention; weighty verses of scriptures series at

A drummer echoing sounds of the gene aces,
I drum a poetic beat of who the genius is,
The drama all begins right from the genesis;
All true revelations all through revealed actions
With the perfect God on stage to stage all of creation;
A world evolved through the potency of His word

He makes a perfect man and a befitting woman;
An Adam complemented by Eve and not Steve,
Unhidden in Eden was the essence of God’s presence,
As God’s image bearers man is first to manifest
God’s divine intentions; the vine’s intents shown;
All that God creates is created good and perfect

A divine equation that transforms two into one;
Adam in fellowship with Eve who’s a fellow sheep
With God as captain of this Philos-ship,
Close trusting relationship with the God of creation;
Humanity’s harmony with divinity’s reality
And the rest of God’s creation asides man and woman

Male and female together, we are world-shaping beings
Significant with will, we make our own decisions;
We’re God’s beautiful creation gifted life from the creator;
The image of God is God’s own description,
Adam and Eve worked Eden and took care of it;
We’ve been made for a purpose to express God on earth.
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