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EMOTION’S CALL – sex and sexuality; get inspired with the chastity series at pengaze.com

These peculiar features featured in God’s mind
When he moulded Adam and carved out Eve;
His build and her make, a blessing from the maker,
His words for her affection; her physique for his chemistry


Gifted weapons from God not for mass destruction,
Private procreation in love and recreation of life;
Not recreation to feed the eyes of lusted fellows
But procreation of two in unified Philos

His weapon seeks to rise and shine at the sight of her;
Yeah! Boys got no control; their device got to roll,
Led by a troll called lust that soon dies in a row,
Men got direction; power for direct shun

Her weapon seeks attention on the site of his affection
Sexy gets to girls’ head until sexed to an Ex;
Rather than pay attention to the lust that gets her lost,
The lady gives from first even to a tenth shun

He isn’t a filling station that needs your patrol,
She isn’t a drained car either that needs your petrol;
You both end jerks per throw he makes you receive,
Being deceived by the lust you actually perceive

The activity he does through your open doors
Is only an intense deviation from God’s intent;
Emotions before marriage isn’t cart before the horse,
Just a fire of patience that refines you as gold

The momentary passion of patience for patients of love;
Metamorphosis of caterpillar to be a pillar,
Lust but for lies, love but I fly;
The chaste to be chased is the butterfly in my belly.
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