EPHESIANS 5: 1, 2 – LOVE CEASES TO BE A DEMON WHEN LOVE CEASES TO BE A GOD; short story; greedy love; weighty verses of scriptures; parent and kid series at pengaze.com

The best dad in the whole world has done it again. He sweetened my birthday with a gift that filled the void of my expectation; a gift I got so fond of in less than 24 hours. I was having fun with this gift the next day when I slipped and fell; the gift in question dropped from my hands and got damaged. This definitely tweaks the beautiful story into a shocking experience in the absence of electricity and presence of my heart’s cushioned shock absorber. What an unforgettable experience for a seven years old kid.


My dad rushed towards where I lay; he picked up the gift rather than help me up. As if that wasn’t enough, the words from my father further hit me in the heat of confusion, “Do you know how much I spent on this gift, it’s not even up to two days and you’ve already got it damaged. Do you think I pluck money from trees?” Dazed in this maze of coined feelings, I needed to feed on corns of understanding; a need for speed to get answers to questions drifting off my mind’s path to wander off in wonder, as I lay still, still on the ground that grazed my Knee.

The question remains, “Did my dad own the gift or I did? Did he purchase it for himself or for me? Did he do what he did out of love or selfishness?”  Love is meant for service rather than used to Lord over others; love ceases to be a demon when love ceases to be a god. If love’s just for the sake of love, then the lover will destroy what he loves. No wonder God loves not just for the sake of love but for the sake of the beloved.
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