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Our sex is either male or female;
Different poles attracting into a fussion
Of Natural Eros boarding her rose;
Intriguing feelings that’ll blossom in his bossom

This isn’t what to call stories for the Gods;
Peculiar both to the male and the female sex
Which you don’t mind to fantasize in your mind
Yet call it cock and bull talk as the fence of defence

Involuntary actions of voluntary acts shunned,
Imprisoned in emotion cells through stimulated cells,
But this unit of life should be seen as natural;
Accepting the truth is what sets free to root

I sight naked teeth on the site of stiff-necked feelings;
The grin lives on if the green leaves not;
Everything got a season to be seasoned with a salt;
Putting the cart before the horse ends in emotion’s assault

Cool to be careful not to end a care-fool,
Let this feeling of love keep you grateful
But don’t let the brush of lust paint you as great fool,
No matter what, mistakes should neither steal nor still your heart

Mistakes do not mean you cannot end up right,
Life may be mean but its breath hasn’t left;
Still got length enough to determine your area;
The area you choose for your heart’s resolution.
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