A PROFIT OF HARDWORK (Prov 14: 23) – don’t just talk the work but work the talk; weighty verse of scriptures at pengaze.com

Don’t just talk the work but work the talk,
Take a walk with hard work to work hard;
Success may seems to say NO, abbreviated to Next Opportunity
You aren’t a failure until you agree you are one


Hardwork had work for profit which the lazy forfeit;
The lazy nest that houses laziness;
The wings of the bird cut by the sleeping bed;
Only talking the talk; never doing the work

Some work like elephants and eat like ants;
Hardworking men with profits of infants,
Still tilling the ground, yet, riches stand still;
Wealth in debt; poverty on the earth

Behind the scenes of failure, never to be seen
Death the curse; sin the cause;
Death of the good to birth in life, the bad,
Poverty’s not the plan of this God of riches

It’s either you’re trust in God or thrust in self,
Sin had a bound to abound in death;
Painted us heartless; made us use our hearts less;
Now, we aren’t bound less but boundless in Christ

I’m a servant of God; I don’t serve ants,
God’s word that I heard said I’m made to be the head,
The dignity of labour is fruitful results;
That’s why to succeed is my one and only resort

I got the right birth for this birthright;
Exploit is my birthright since Jesus made my birth right,
Challenge’s a piece of meat that can’t steal peace from my soul;
The me I cool is always in line for miracle

Circumstance said she low but Hannah was lifted in Shiloh;
He places the uncomfortable on comfort tables,
Hurt reeds from hot deeds; ridicule not for reeds He cools;
Disappointment with self to this appointment with God.

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