THE SEX DRIVE - emotions and feelings; chastity series at

Sex as activity or sex as identity,
Sex and sensuality or sex and sexuality,
Sensual chase-tities or sexual chastity,
The session of lust or decision for its cession

It’s interesting how people got interest in sex
But seek not knowledge of the makeup of their sex;
I’m talking laying foundations without Mary K;
Not talking make-up sex but your sex as male or female

Never move a motion to war against emotion
Channel emotion through slow motion of emulsions
It’s a natural feeling that’s also scriptural
So when you see the signs, know it’s God’s design

Don’t make yourself an eunuch when you were not born one,
Forgive the ugly past; package presents for the future,
Pre-tend your garden rather than pretend a spirit;
You got to tend emotions so you don’t tend wounds

To stop bleeding, stop touching the wound;
Wound yourself in love; love yourself and love life
Life is good because God is good;
Even God is good motors will confirm this to you

The three traffic lights is all you need;
The read red eyed like the red sea indeed,
The yellow saying, “Hello, get ready for your deed.”
The grin that widens your grin when the land’s green for harvest

You are the President, it is just the Vice;
Prevent harmful vices by heeding to advice;
Hold your device as the vice for safety;
Sex, only in marriage is the perfect safe tea

Sex done in marriage is a well done
But out of marriage, it is just only done;
Since the cooking of a stone never gets done,
The lust you cooked is only love undone

Love’s not just sex in action but affection with passion,
Friendship set on fire; established communication,
Understanding marriage; wisdom to stay knit together,
Hot without hurt; selfless love is lots more.
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