WAITING FOR TIME - though time waits for no man, man got to wait for time on this one; chastity series at pengaze.com

There’s a tool to remain hidden until it’s time for its time,
Marriage is the time; legal seasoning thyme,
Chastity in waiting is a butter of peace
That can enrich marriage’s piece of bread with marital bliss

Waiting in patience doesn’t make you a waiter
But in essence, only makes your love weightier;
This sense of weight of decency is what really matters
As you occupy your space in reference to marriage

Then you’ll be happy his car is without brakes,
Then you’ll be glad that her wheels seek no breaks;
One will from dual desires; sparkles of live-wires;
Two come together to become the perfect one

Wait for the perfect time to go wild on him,
Wait for the perfect time to worship her body,
The safest thing to wear when with someone you love
Is not a balloon but the ring from marriage

Abstinence doesn't have to be torture
Virgin by choice waiting until marriage
Single, saved and not having sex
God wants us to wait, get married and be faithful

These stiff-necked emotions cause a lot of headaches;
Enticing feelings to swallow stomach cakes;
Lots of stomach cakes that present stomach aches;
It’s better to wait till migraine turns my grin

A donde of lust isn’t same as the don of love,
My inner me takes me inner to withstand my enemy;
Don’t photocopy the crowd; be the star on the stage;
Nokia from behind still remains an ‘Aikon’

Maybe chastity today from the world got no applause
Integrity confirms it is always a plus,
Sickened by the lust that calls it a minus
But healed by the love that turns out my nurse.

*Don: Top man, awesome, cool, boss
*Donde: unwise
*Aikon: icon
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