GOD’S PULL INTO GOD’S POOL THROUGH THE GOSPEL – God’s amazing love connections; pengaze.com

MTN knows God’s love is everywhere we go,
Through Airtime we breathe per seconds, Air tells you of God’s love
To make you glow with pride when the gospel rules your world;
The Earth is Alert, so now you’re talking


As God’s Arsenal, I leave a pool of message;
Not mere sage in this messed age, for I champion mercy,
Working ACs make me learn the heat of life can turn around;
The Gospel to man’s city is to get man united

Yes! United in one body; the body of Christ,
Christ is the head; the brain’s naked without him,
He is the heart of my life and I am apple of His eyes,
Without Him, you are nothing just like lungs without air

The world will be a tomb without the word to make it womb,
Mortuary ‘twill have been but love turns it a sanctuary
Through this gospel of grace which is God’s pull of love,
Sin reigns in the scene until amazing grace is seen

A prayer of the word is a player of the world;
This terrestrial ball where men love to ball with fun;
Garments tuck into our belt as we’re talking to the Lord
About this very world by reminding Him His word

Still talking of the gospel, believers love the world
Through Christ the embassy to the kingdom of God;
We are gospel pillars made from mountains of fire,
Our house is on the rock as winners of a living faith

We’ve been redeemed by the Lord and chosen for deeper life
With an Apostolic faith by the grace of Omega;
In the assemblies of God called the latter rain assembly
I see you na first, reaching out with the gospel

Still on the gospel mission, reaching out with running shoes
To every race of the world polished black or painted white,
Saving lives is the vision, not interest in running shows
As I count worn soles by racks ‘cos of won souls for God’s barracks

I’m a pistol of epistles living life by leaving death,
For this I pull as a disciple; bulleted bulletins,
I shoot the bullet out till this bull lets them out;
Out of bondage for grace canceled the Bond Age.
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