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PENGAZE.COM – originality and versatility; a wander with wonder

Intercontinental zone
Where first rank fun is shown
To access zeniths of your own
From a guaranteed trust throne


You are right on time
For it is not a crime
To feel these vibes that rhyme
Without paying a dime

Inspiration on earth,
So much to learn on net,
So much fun you can get,
One of the best, I bet

The inspiration’s unique,
A lot of lyrics
And fantastic classics
That leads you to the peak

Acronyms of names,
Riddles and games,
Stories of a frame
That won’t live you the same

Not tantalizing jeopardizer;
Fertilizing sanitizer
Brain teaser for appetizer,
Grazing wisdom to be wiser

Building relationship
Especially friendship,
Securing you a ship
Of a happy life trip

Enough space still in the boat
To sail on jokes that suit your coat,
Lots of poems that make you float,
Of course, you got the sages’ quote

Making you happy is the vision,
Adding value’s the obligation,
Got a trusted dedication
To fulfilling this mission

Just the perfect site,
It’s content so tight
To make you content in the light
Of uniqueness to your sight

This is written as a bus
To make you visit us
At pengaze.com of course,
To God be the applause.

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