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PERFECT FRIEND FOR ME – my savior, father and friend; his grace is my strength; pengaze.com

I was once bad with my life seeming hard,
Still, He took the place of dad and called me His lad,
Satan tried to make me sad with all the power he had
But God has made me glad placing me in grace’s yard

My weakness made me lame when I lost my Godly aim
But my redeemer came along all the same,
Blotted out Satan’s claim and called me by my name;
No more blame or shame; my name is framed in His fame

The fact is that I prayed at the times I was afraid
And He came to my aid through love that doesn’t fade,
Yes! My debt was paid by the sacrifice He made
To grant my soul the shade from death’s grenade

As I sought the face of the Ancient of days,
From afar, I saw His grace reaching me with bright rays,
To tread His unknown ways and trace his perfect pace
To the very unique place of His awesome base

Won’t wallow in fear since my God is ever near
To wipe away my tear and the burden that I bear,
He’s been a friend that’s rare who holds my cares so dear,
His voice I hear is clear to escape the devil’s snare

Won’t give up to sorrow but will fight till tomorrow,
All the problems that I throw to the watcher of the sparrow
Is solved in a row to sweeten bones and marrow;
At dawn, the cock will crow and my joy will overflow

He daily makes me happy; a perfect friend for me,
It is his divine key that totally sets free,
Opens doors for me to enjoy blessings that I see,
Parted the red sea yet asked me for no fee

These bangles of laws made me victim of life's tangle;
Devil tried to strangle me in this life's jungle
Till the king of the jungle set me free in grace to dangle,
He's my perfect friend and I'm secured in His angle.

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