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A crowd was gathered at an an accident scene. A smart and nosey journalist (Pepisco) wanted to get a first hand story and so shouted at the crowd, "Make Way, I am the victim's daughter!" The crowd slowly paved way for her......On getting there, lying lifeless in front of the car was a goat!.


A neighbour walks into Kappudon's room and sees him standing on a table with a rope hanging from the ceiling fan to his waist.

Neighbour: What are you trying to do ?
Kappudon: I'm trying to commit suicide
Neighbour: So why did you tie the rope to your waist and not your neck
Kappudon: It's a long story. I almost died when I tied it to my neck.


Mrs Mamuli got to class and asked her students to say the numbers she wrote on the board in words!She wrote (888) and gave them a clue that it's- eight hundred and eighty... Pepisco jumped up to conclude it by saying, "eight." The teacher applauded her
Mrs Mamuli wrote (666) and Alinco gave the answer- Six hundred and sixty-six! Mrs Mamuli was enjoying the lesson as she kept on praising the students. This went on and on for a while until she wrote (111) and asked Eggistu for an answer.
Eggistu replied by saying, "One hundred and ele......Just then Akpors interrupted by saying, "Oh my God, how can Eggistu not know the answer to this simple question! It's certainly One hundred and Onenty-One!"


Akpors: I want my money now!
Eggistu: I'll kill myself so that I won't pay you (PAOW) he shot himself and died
Akpors: hahaha..... If you think you'll get away with my money, then you're wrong, I'll follow you until you pay me my money. He takes the gun and shoots himself too
Alinco who was watching from a distance laughed and said "these guys are so funny that I want to watch this till the very end".... he took the gun and killed himself as well


Mr Akpors' fiancee said to him, “Now that we are engaged, we should start
calling each other pet names”.
He asked her, “So what do u want to be calling me?”
She said, "I will be calling u TIGER”.
“Why?”, he asked. "Cos u’re handsome, tall, charming, strong, calculating, smart
and very good in BEDmatics”. She then asked, “What will u be calling me?”
Mr Akpors said, "Zebra" The lady still smiling seductively replies, “Wow, that’s lovely & sweet. Why did u choose such a lovely name? Did you get it get it from my name, Debra."
“No, not at all. It's because because of your STRETCH MARKS”

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