IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT CHRIST - compliment of the season; part four (04)

Such a world without a church
Where the Bible ends in Malachi,
Abba father is unknown and Aba fathers are on loan,
God the father is farther than the Godfathers seeming nearer,
Flaws with the law never swept off the floor by divine grace

No free access to God's glorious riches that we now bank on,
Only special people pray and access God as birth right;
Accessing God once a year through the hollies of hollies in vogue,
Where the phrase ''men ought always to pray'' will indeed be vague

Where Love's only a deadly game of snake and ladder,
Where the scissors of hatred only sees us just to cease us,
Where no needle of love makes me aware that I need you,
Where men seemingly reap not what they sow but rip what others sew

Without phone calls to Heaven through the line called Jesus,
Where praying Mantis seems righteous in the acts booked for drama,
Where elephant speeches lost their weight to life's striving trauma,
Where cock and bull stories are eaten during Christmas

A world without the gospel; Bad news without the good news,
Without a way to Yahweh from the path called your way, 
A world without Calvary trying to carve a real fake,
No Christmas carols and no Easter to kiss the mass

Without the existence of blessings of Western civilization,
Eternal darkness without the hope of God's light station,
Without the hope of Resurrection from fruitless stages of mortality
Which is supposed to make Death an introduction to timeless ages of eternity 

Rather than the missionary, the world will have me shun Harry;
Rather than weep for masses, a world that whips the masses,
Without the words of Jesus 'twill be a world that does jinx us,
Where you need to cause chaos to okay what is yours.
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IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT CHRIST - compliment of the season; part three (03)

Missionary and military imposing Christian conversion together,
In a way not harmonized with the Jesus given order,
Not adhering to Christ's teachings but enforcing it across boarders,
Oh, yeah!! Walking in this order seems a working disorder

Imagine using the diss I pull to win disciples,
I'm talking the British expansion that  brought Christian principles,
To heap all crazy acts on hypocrisy is just fine,
But do know that Christ's death paid their debt and fine

Man's destiny is to be born into the family of God,
Possessing His Nature and Glory as the nurture of his story,
But in a world unfair with deeds unlike Christ did,
Roman emperors were worshipped as gods or demi-gods

Renaissance came to Europe through the teachings of Christ;
To rain sense on the roped through the reachings of Christ;
A dominant figure in the history of western culture,
With Vigour in the mystery of how he fulfilled the core chore

The Pagan God, Molech worshipped with human sacrifice,
The babies offered to his red-hot out-stretched arms never did suffice,
The Druid priest's demand for one-third of Irish children,
To appease the pagan deity; Cromm Cruac, in pre-Christian Ireland

Many Native Americans with terrifying religious practises,
Like the North American Indians known as ''the polite and friendly Mandans'',
Temple prostitutes; both sexes, worshipping fertility deities,
With the sexual orgies of unrestrained urges

Christianity preserved learning through monastries in the dark Ages,
Strongly affected political and intellectual life in medieval times,
As a Christ-I-A-N without Christ, I-A-N means I Am nothing;
Noting that without Christ, Christianity won't be a thing

He has affected the world in countless physical ways,
But affected the Christian infinitely more in spiritual ways,
Truth is not about your way but that of Yahweh,
Live out the good in your hood; leave out the neighbourhood's falsehood.
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IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT CHRIST - compliment of the season; part two (02)

Rather than spiritual worship in truth, it was once a feel age,
Until the Prince of peace was born in an obscure village,
To hit the nail on the head, was a carpenter till thirty,
Next three years an itinerant preacher in a world that was dirty

Christianity made its way into a world craving salvation,
Promised and offered salvation through God's word that healed starvation,
More than a plus of applause; Christ stands in ovation,
The beginning and the end; genesis of revelation

Rome was considered most civilized when Christ roamed the Earth,
Yet, maltreated ladies and the babies of unwanted birth;
Babies taken to the forest not for rest but for death,
Till divinity helped humanity through Christ's birth and death

The Empire's way of life influenced by the vine that's divine,
The Roman world in romance with God's word is the sign,
Women and children with few or no rights was the design,
All pressured to change; pleasure's to Christ's teachings so benign

India in their past opened death windows unto widows,
As though born to burn; Self-sacrifice to death on the earth,
Until the cease of it, widows of deceased husbands had to die,
Christ teaching force on the British changed India as British colony

A free car tour to Africa; surprisingly weird I bet,
Concubines and wives of some tribal chiefs killed after their death,
In the Aztec civilization, mass sacrificial murder was in adoption,
Christ crossed out the killing ritual on the cross; himself the ritual

Our race was squared with sin to run in death circles,
But from a finished angle, Christ crossed out the try angles,
He healed all depression; now our angle is elevation;
Celebration and jubilation is the situation description.
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ONE SIDED ATTRACTION - emotional attatchments; part three (03)

The hilarious bill of the clean thing called reciprocated love;
Oh! Bar man's heart is broken for losing her to Obama,
She has been very patient yet Goodluck's heart's still on locks,
She boos Harry off just because she loves Buhari

He's in love with the Rihanna who says,''I ain't your real Hannah'',
Wants Beyonce as Feyonce as if she calls him the real dearie,
Craves Alicia's kiss but got no luck to her heart;
It's a two-faced proposal that ends in a yes or no

Oh She has mistaken Frank's heard words for a love song,
Her focus is Davido who says I ain't the video,
The fact sey she don jaci doesn't attract Don Jazzy,
Simi sees me coming and bills her gates to Bill Gates

The police pleads,''please'', yet, she sold her love to the soldier,
Ten cuties tripping for the Landlord who just sees them as ten ants,
And Gina loves engineers so it's a duck tour for the doctor,
The nurse he loves doesn't nurse his feelings so the fireman's emotion remains on fire

Atonia wins Antony despite Sonia is so near,
The Latina loved is Letina but letting her slip away's inevitable,
He pays the fees and sees his dream fiancee still not his,
She pays her dues but sees not the morning dew when due

One-sided or unrequited  love has got a painful feel;
Makes life boring enough to drill holes in the heart with its seal,
There's a way to deal with all the untreated ill;
Watch out for future series that feature the healing pill.
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IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT CHRIST - compliment of the season; part one(01)

The effect of defect of a world lost in lust;
A world of greed off grid without the word of love,
Where the strong dominates the weak and young dominates the old;
Lots of favour reach the rich but the poor are poured hard labour

Before the birth of Christ, there was search for mercy and kindness;
Never before did men see such a divine kind nest,
Mankind seen wicked till Christ's nature made man kind;
Yes! Mankind from behind transformed by Christ into kind man

Dark without the ark of love; a void to avoid
Aliens from mass book space for mass, yet, lie in wait for mass kill of the mass,
Where mothers murder others and fathers further evil,
Fetish pagans pay guns with death; the earth soaks the blood from rituals

Inequality mentality; Unfair life to fair ladies,
I heard damsels saw marriage as a tool that saw lives into two,
Some saw marriage as the beginning of a very marred age;
Culture yoked the wife's life to burdens called chores

Bridled horse bound slaves to worship husbands as lord;
Power woo men to treat women and children as property;
Slaves with class but no right to taste a proper tea,
Counting it a privilege to experience their lord's pro party

That Word that turned flesh to refresh life has changed the world;
The beginning and the end; eternity's life currency,
A central figure that much of the human race bank on,
Occupying a weighty space that matters a lot in our hearts

I write this piece in peace in honour of the Prince of peace,
Creator of the world that can create all things with just his Word,
The I am that I am who has made me who I am,
Jesus' name isn't of shame but framed in fame unto salvation

In his name miracles happen; in his name we bow to pray,
The calender has got a date with not just his birth but death,
The rose of Sharon rose again; a curse to devil the evil ,
He freed the earth from death and caused the mourn of demons.
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ONE SIDED ATTRACTION - emotional attatchments; part two (02)

She prefers his teddy and beards to the biggest teddy-bear,
But her cutest bae is cold-clueless like polar bear,
She isn't shameless for fearlessly seeking your question for years for her ''Yes'';
After all, a Boaz without Ruth is like a boss without roots

The Man missed her so much but she tags him Mr. Man,
She calls him jobless for calling her priceless goddess,
He patronizes the boutique to appease his thick boo
But she plays him like reggae without romantic blues

See words from Zee world to woo in a life of telemundu,
Why won't I shy away when Aisha Harsh tagged me Mugu;
The Metaphor I met her for is the seemingly simile taught;
Persons learn lessons; only weak heads are transformed to wicked

Ready to wait for Eva but she wants him to wait forever,
Steve's heart goes stiff the eve he proposed to Eve;
Bows this knee to his Disney Angel but this ends in a diss,
He's been desiring this Irene but she's eyeing another

A two-faced proposal despite the prior prose composed her,
It will have been soothing if the option was a true or yes; but know,
Comfort comes forth not to comfort him but answer no,
They see their Daisy swim off in the sea of one-sided love 

When your heart's stolen by seemingly sweet hearts,
Put on the smile simile that's medicinal to the heart,
You take him so dear but he sees you as dear for dessert;
So, if you're the dear he chases, better don't let him catch you

Faith trusts God's grace for her Love; turns out he hopes and longs for Joy,
Emotional attachments; one sided love hurts,
If I waylay Awele as though I'm bush from the ambush,
Won't end a clean thing for us 'coz Love's force can't be forced.
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ONE SIDED ATTRACTION - emotional attatchments; part (01)

A marriage material pushed some yards away from the rim,
The boo of her dreams boos her away from her dream,
Despite strife for bae to be wife, life brings the spite to his poles,
So, here's a tract shown; a one sided tagged attraction

Sometimes, Edith edits his love  and calls his passion lust,
Sometimes, Joseph treats his Mary like she's potipher's wife,
Ogechi loves him but his act says,''Oge, chill out'',
Loves praise with little pay raise,so Pires is shown her warship

Maybe the Joseph in Josephine's heart already friend-zoned her,
Yes! The attractive Paulina's not in Paul's inner court,
Daniel's bell jingles wedding but Danibell says,''off limits'',
Olu's into Oluchi but she says,''Olu chill for life''

Yes you adore her but Adora sees you not adorable,
You hail from Adamawa but not hailed by it's Ada; ''na wha o'',
Even this girl called Frances may not be who France sees,
Ebere's still waiting for this Yoruba guy to ask the ''ibere''

You're the Philips that desires to wed and feel her lips,
A big no to the proposal is all that fills her lips,
Esther bleaches to earn love from a star who establishes none,
She seeks a frame of proposal but Ephraim is just speechless

Sometimes the guy is dumb; sometimes the girl is deaf,
The emotional attachment in a one sided love hurts,
Advice yourself to give it up or take it down for real,
Then learn to fall no more for someone who won't be there to catch you,

Yes! Your heart's been shot; the hit of love befalls you,
Emotional price in this short life; none pays the bills for you,
Forget the shut door; just the open doors can be for you,
And when you are down to nothing, know that God is up to something.
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SEXUAL ABUSE - from victim team to victory team

Affected confidence, self-esteem and body image
Self-criticism, self-blame and self neglect forming a cage
Problem in relating with others; navigating relationships in rage,
Self-destructive behaviours that sabotage success' stage

Overwhelmed victims with shame in our society
In definitions away from their true reality;
A burdening feel of loss of innocence and dignity;
Uncomfortable with good things; the ''feeling unworthy'' mentality

When shame is the lie life tells you about yourself;
Life only makes you a pimp if you accept that you're a wimp,
It attacks you with the blame just to make you to be lame;
Yes! Life seems cruel but receive these words as fuel

What a traumatizing changing humiliating experience!!
Yet, a judgmental world full of pretense is your audience,
It isn't your fault; your fort can't be guilty conscience;
Duel with the cruel circumstance and not dwell in shame's disturbance

Seeds of inferiority and worthlessness through sexual abuse,
The way you think about yourself; living life feeling used,
You blame your outcry which caused your parents' marriage bruised,
And the continued cycle of abuse your actions diffused

Living the past isn't cool; leaving the present means hurt;
A torched conscience needing a touch of Love's essence,
Living out the past makes you remain life's victim;
But leaving out that past makes you present in the victory team.
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HUNGER FOR SEX - a glimpse into marriage; part ten (10)

Marriage is partnership; two as one in a boat,
'Bed of Rose' in the ship; Eros is for both,
In marriage relationships, sex is a bolt,
In the light of marriage's trip, sex is part of the oath
In the carriage of marriage, it's an act to engage;
Your body at your spouse's service defines what to serve is,
Sometimes, it's hard work while sometimes, it's all pleasure;
Making marriage work means subduing all pressure
Sex as meal to the male in marriage needs no special fees,
His body tells him when hungry and needs sexual release,
Sex to him's a physical and emotional need,
A physical desire; emotional need to be desired
Sexual satisfaction and marriage go hand in hand in life
She craves emotional intimacy; great sex connects him like WIFI;
Sex's a relational need that bonds man's emotions to his wife's,
Lack of regular sex can cause disconnections and strife
A lifelong struggle to control man's sexuality,
Struggle between hormones and ultimate integrity,
Sex's a spiritual need against  infidelity,
Sexual availability aids the chastity ability
She can't love him as a husband and reject him sexually,
His sexuality's part of him as a man and husband,
Asides her physique, she wanting him bonds the chemistry,
The fact she wants and craves him makes her attractive to him
To her husband's sexuality, showing concern is the lesson,
But a great sex life  means considering both persons,
Her needs no matter what, is just as important as his,
Two parties are always needed for the bonding kiss
The whole purpose of sex should be oneness and love,
More important than just promising her husband frequent sex
Is the commitment to explore sexual intimacy as one;
Two parties are always needed for marital bliss and peace.
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HUNGER FOR SEX- Emotional constipation through emotional rush; part nine (09)

She rushes him like stomach cake; didn't expect stomach ache,
He sees her as icing; can't just push his eyes in,
Emotional constipation through emotional rush,
An Eros pressured weight; right time pleasure's worth the wait

Every saint got a past; every sinner got a future,
The past matters not; 'cos the present founds the future,
Waiting until marriage is part of the few chores,
Don't awake love before time; wait to apply the thyme spice

Open secrets of the past; talking the Errors of Eros,
He can't neglect the defect; the world spread its word,
she can't deflect the effect; what she smells is ''the world knows'',
So she aims her shame; his self-blame makes him to be lame

Partners admire virginity; God admires chastity,
They book Romance in marriage; God books to speak through Romans, 
She loves herself chased while God loves her chaste,
He enjoys to be worshipped while
God will have him worship

Sometimes, the path the Miss takes are the paths of mistakes,
She sees herself as mischief but he sees her as Chief Miss,
He sometimes fails to man up and makes her list one man down;
He sees himself as Mr. Man while she feels she missed her man

Infatuation handled lamely crushes emotions,
Mistakes purchasing crutches to support Eros' motion,
In fact stations of lust that lose motion in emulsion,
Frictions without lotion, the guilt's in slow motion

To walk the moral path, don't part with your morale,
Forget the past mistakes and the failures you've run past,
Having the best future is doing the best at present,
Chase the future being chaste; a packaged present for tomorrow.
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BALLING THE GOSPEL - poetic gospel from samkleezy; part two (02)

We were on the Lord's side till we went off side,
It should have been a red card but God's mercy said y'hellow,
Dribbled by the devil, we lost to the evil,
Injury time by law till grace called it extra time

To kick-off the penalty scene, we're balling the gospel,
Our goal is from truth's corner; in short aiming the net seen,
To restore those underneath; those in the net of sin,
Through the throw-in of grace that makes one over the bars of sin

Jesus paid the price; that's why it's a fixed match,
He is the mid-feeder that feeds us with love connections,
Connections not to God fathers but to God the father,
A God, made Abba Father and not Aba made father

Circumstance may tackle but just press on to the mark,
That whistle is for foul but you're no more chick to chicken out,
They come and tail tours as high pitched commentators,
They don't mind money tours to monitor us on monitors

Grace is my defender against the evil offender,
This grace teaches me to be a keeper of God's word,
Not to continue in sin for God forbids it's scene,
Though this grace abounds the more, it is disgrace to root in sin

Let us leave out the sin life and live out the God life,
Obedience through the Spirit unveils this God and good life,
Would have been a goner if not for God's Arsenal,
Which made me head and not tail; Yes! I ain't a back man.
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HUNGER FOR SEX - taking it slow; fasting period; not a punishment but discipline; part eight (08)

Handed a chill bottle of drink and told not to drink but chill,
The drink is meant to be drunk but don't get drunk in it,
Handed to your control; don't be controlled by it
Not about saying no to sex but saying yes to God's plan,
He is the master planner with plans for our sexuality,
Celibacy to the eunuchs; abstinence to the unmarried,
But as for chastity, it is for everybody
The savour and flavour around is more soothing than good,
The fact that you're fasting; talking  abstaining from food,
Doesn't make food extinct; in fact increases hunger instinct,
Abstinence isn't forever but marriage is for ever
Everything on earth has got its salient period,
Every class got it's period, even ladies got their period,
The period of abstinence is our fasting period,
The married still got urge where infidelity can lodge
The attitudes learned and the altitude earned,
Discipline and self control; that's how you now roll,
You mastered the quest; Chastity at the crest,
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BALLING THE GOSPEL - poetic gospel from samkleezy part one (01)

Balling the gospel on high pitch, let me throw in lines to nod, 
Don't ask me for my club; God's armour got better weapons,
Samkleezy with the kleezypen dedicates this to you;
Yes! The standing fans that scream their support making football cool

Thirsty for the water from Christ, the MOTHER WELL,
Where CELL THICK HEARTS are bit by the WOLF'S BUG,
As DERBY from HIPS TOWN is READING lust to BURY love

To use the WEST BROOM to sweep death off the eastern gates, 
Streaming goodness to ALL CITY just to LEAVE A POOL of message,
In the messed age of A STUNNED VILLA infected like STROKE CITY

I once read devil's a player not wanting MAN UNITED,
But God's ARSENAL got prayer to support MAN'S CITY,
In between as the MIDDLE BRO, I'm creating NEW CASTLES,

This super strikers battle can't be stopped by power RANGERS,
Since prisoners BAR CELL OWNERS despite the network calls,
The evil DON CASTS A ROVER with a BLACK PULL power,

No good THOUGHT IN HARM, talking devil's FULL HARM,
The WORST HARM UNITED with cooked evil from POT MOUTHS,
Drinking CHELSEA in EVA TINS while they play the blues and dance,
On this terrestial ball where selfish goals are pitched and scored.

1. List the clubs you see
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HUNGER FOR SEX - pressured by pleasure; focus on love and not lust (07)

Shouldn't just be her boobs always revealing his teeth,
It shouldn't be about his kiss which opens her chest,
She loves her mind blown, yet, won't swallow the time bomb;
He may choose to dye her hair but can only die for air
They call you Mr. Wizzy but I hope you take it easy,
Known as Miss Effizy; you compete with Mr. Wizzy,
It's beyond the pleasure; you're enslaved to the pressure,
Sex is not a game, so wipe off the sexual spots
Maybe the way she's dressed also caused this address;
He loves what he sees; hot in the lust he now hisses,
His emotions rage like the seas; he's blinded; no more sees;
He sees not the mercy that some other men see
His sense of persuasion draws her sexual attraction,
To a sacred art of romance in  a very deep dimension,
She enjoys this passion and confidence in his action;
His enjoyable personality gives her satisfaction
Lust's a general horniness for emotional connect;
Not differentiating love from lust leads to the defects
As clear as HD; the uncool after effects,
Understanding our sexuality is what helps us detect
Don't let crush be the option in the valley of decision;
Escape the situation of entangling infatuation,
Lust's differentiation from Love's integration,
Don't fill in every feeling; flee the illusion profession
The agenda that endangers is making sex the bull's eye,
Got to avoid darts from lust; you got the will to dodge,
Talking about gender every sex got the urge,
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HUNGER FOR SEX - a blessing or curse; part six (06)

Infatuation crushes emotions when in crush without clutches,
Mind blowing gratifying pleasure in a realm of ''fly high'',
Natural to be turned on; you can put out the frisky fire

Wild passionate pursuit of the heart for intimacy;
Synthesis of fantasies in spheres of untaught thoughts;
The sire of desire in altitudes of attitudes;
Sexual behaviours; unique, how you behave yours

Sexual desires aids maintenance as well as the formation
Of intimate relationships; emotions in fusion;
Between the opposite sex; love in difussion,
Like divinity and humanity; the church and Christ's passion

Talking about gender, you are to master your sex,
Chastity the agenda; don't be a slave to sex,
Knowing the Y of your drive urges you to solve for X,
A morale to be moral; immorality's now an Ex

Unsatisfied sexual desires partner with infidelity,
Though castration for eneuchs is tagged their immunity
To an inborn desire for sexual activity;
Activity meant for marriage through God's creativity.

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HUNGER FOR SEX - the motivational cycle; part five (05)

Five sense organs to hear and play life's organ,
Sex like water; over speeding Honda ends under,
Divers sex by creation; pathetic some turn sex divers

Intents shone in intentions; diverse altitudes of attitude,
A fort of belief proposed by efforts to abstinence,
Natural versus rational; it is a tug of war,
Content versus process; the battle of the mind

Mind what enters your heart that seemingly makes it content
But influences the mind with its sexual content,
Till hyper seeking attention and sick in affection,
To make you behold the eyes that'll get you iced in sex

Sexually frustrated; sex-starved seeking outlets,
The sex drive turns the boss seeking a room to let,
The use of ego defences may not break the fences;
Yet, sex hormones shouldn't make you a sex home owned

Well, giving in to porn only makes you a pawn,
You think it's all cheers while life calls it game of chess,
Erotic graphics now turns the bus of your sexual drive;
They play the game of thrones with the throne of your heart

The master bathes us with strength over to masturbate;
The master-bait pulling lots to be drowned in sex,
This coined habit won't help; habit to co-habit,
Negative reinforcers into sex are real and force us

The motivation process can be seen as a cycle,
Where contents influence thoughts and thoughts influence behaviours,
Where behaviour drives performance and performance affect thoughts,
A change of thought's content changes the cycle's nature.

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HUNGER FOR SEX - flirtationship;defining relationships; part four (04)

A long way 2GO searching GOOGLE's PLUS to HABBO,
The ''what's up'' on WHATSAPP; may just be real charts of fake chat

My shy niece told me of the mixing on MIXI,
Teenagers NET-LOG TUENTI; SONICO faster than sonics,
PERFSPOT turns perfect spot like HYVES that SKYROCK,
The bado's now on BADOO; MYSPACE turns BLACKPLANET

A high bond to his high build just like in Zee World,
He's not from Ibibio; she met him on IBIBO,
He books phase in time to see her face not just on FACEBOOK,
Always with her on TWITTER; tweets her INSTANT GRAMS of words

An intuitive love that doesn't seem obvious,
Continual search for a basic secure connection,
Infatuation's combination with companionship of friendship,
Emotional dependence for soothing and protection

His thoughts of her curves cause him emotional coughs,
Her treasured chest tingles when she thinks of his chest,
The muscles pull you in; talking emotional muscles,
Seems difficult to manage with the rise of man's age

Emotion burns like fever as needed service at fiverr,
Emotions in fluctuation doesn't call for relationships,
Transforming the ship to sex may not be your agenda
But this sexual configuration takes roots in our gender

Flirtationship may call but respond only to friendship,
Never board a bus when not ready for the journey,
Being the boss of your sex drive signals maturity,
Patience attracts good luck; be the president of your urge

One male, one female; the opposite sex,
Striving to head the direction that's opposite sex,
A moment's right decision which is born for the cession
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HUNGER FOR SEX - sexual orientation; part three (03)

Values, behaviours, roles, relationships and practices,
Capacity for erotic experience is human sexuality,
Sexual orientation affects sexual identity

Human sexuality originates from love;
The creator of love in man; the God above,
Flames of the erotic from this inbuilt stove,
For the male or female sex, this love is a groove

Mannerisms from individuals in a range of action,
More than one individual in constant interaction,
Response to inputs in forms of life reaction,
Diverse stimuli that influence sexual direction

Environmental stimuli in conjunction with emotion,
Internal or external; conscious or subconscious,
Overt or covert; voluntary or involuntary,
Sexuality and age can influence sexual behaviour

Hunger for sex is the behaviour vector,
Drama of life; we are operational actors,
Got to face each phase mastering your role in each sector;
No strife with trauma once maturity is director

The sex philosophy of Philos without errors
Makes love and intimacy always precede Eros,
Though Love's blind, Philo's eyes reveals lustful arrows
Puberty's a phase where we face nature versus nurture

Eros is from nature; scripturally decisive,
Not positive to positive nor negative to negative,
Physics and chemistry concur; opposite poles are attractive,
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