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GOD'S LOVE IS DEEP - He writes our story with His pen of glory

I left right away; heights away from my fright,
Out of my night to be the light that delights His sight,
For through the power of His might, He's granted me this right;
God's love is deep and bright is what I'm left to write


A voice from the cross speaking love to us,
The price paid by Jesus so slavery won't Jinx us,
Terminated our curse to start the new course,
Driving in grace our bus; driven by Christ our boss

As we stand on His word worshipping Him as Lord,
We're skilled with the sword destroying bondage's cod,
We're living in this world but our home is abroad,
Sin placed us in its ward but now God's scene is my abode

It is nice and better to do the fundamental,
Better now than later to submit to our potter,
He loves us to the letter with a love that breaks all fetters,
More than bread and butter, He is our divine shelter

We're the righteousness of God in the newness of His word,
Master piece to this world in the mastered peace of God,
So, as we ford life's stream, Don't feel even odd,
The glory Christ affords snatched our story from devil's fraud.
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