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HUNGER FOR SEX - flirtationship;defining relationships; part four (04)

A long way 2GO searching GOOGLE's PLUS to HABBO,
The ''what's up'' on WHATSAPP; may just be real charts of fake chat

My shy niece told me of the mixing on MIXI,
Teenagers NET-LOG TUENTI; SONICO faster than sonics,
PERFSPOT turns perfect spot like HYVES that SKYROCK,
The bado's now on BADOO; MYSPACE turns BLACKPLANET

A high bond to his high build just like in Zee World,
He's not from Ibibio; she met him on IBIBO,
He books phase in time to see her face not just on FACEBOOK,
Always with her on TWITTER; tweets her INSTANT GRAMS of words

An intuitive love that doesn't seem obvious,
Continual search for a basic secure connection,
Infatuation's combination with companionship of friendship,
Emotional dependence for soothing and protection

His thoughts of her curves cause him emotional coughs,
Her treasured chest tingles when she thinks of his chest,
The muscles pull you in; talking emotional muscles,
Seems difficult to manage with the rise of man's age

Emotion burns like fever as needed service at fiverr,
Emotions in fluctuation doesn't call for relationships,
Transforming the ship to sex may not be your agenda
But this sexual configuration takes roots in our gender

Flirtationship may call but respond only to friendship,
Never board a bus when not ready for the journey,
Being the boss of your sex drive signals maturity,
Patience attracts good luck; be the president of your urge

One male, one female; the opposite sex,
Striving to head the direction that's opposite sex,
A moment's right decision which is born for the cession
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