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HUNGER FOR SEX - a glimpse into marriage; part ten (10)

Marriage is partnership; two as one in a boat,
'Bed of Rose' in the ship; Eros is for both,
In marriage relationships, sex is a bolt,
In the light of marriage's trip, sex is part of the oath
In the carriage of marriage, it's an act to engage;
Your body at your spouse's service defines what to serve is,
Sometimes, it's hard work while sometimes, it's all pleasure;
Making marriage work means subduing all pressure
Sex as meal to the male in marriage needs no special fees,
His body tells him when hungry and needs sexual release,
Sex to him's a physical and emotional need,
A physical desire; emotional need to be desired
Sexual satisfaction and marriage go hand in hand in life
She craves emotional intimacy; great sex connects him like WIFI;
Sex's a relational need that bonds man's emotions to his wife's,
Lack of regular sex can cause disconnections and strife
A lifelong struggle to control man's sexuality,
Struggle between hormones and ultimate integrity,
Sex's a spiritual need against  infidelity,
Sexual availability aids the chastity ability
She can't love him as a husband and reject him sexually,
His sexuality's part of him as a man and husband,
Asides her physique, she wanting him bonds the chemistry,
The fact she wants and craves him makes her attractive to him
To her husband's sexuality, showing concern is the lesson,
But a great sex life  means considering both persons,
Her needs no matter what, is just as important as his,
Two parties are always needed for the bonding kiss
The whole purpose of sex should be oneness and love,
More important than just promising her husband frequent sex
Is the commitment to explore sexual intimacy as one;
Two parties are always needed for marital bliss and peace.
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