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HUNGER FOR SEX - the motivational cycle; part five (05)

Five sense organs to hear and play life's organ,
Sex like water; over speeding Honda ends under,
Divers sex by creation; pathetic some turn sex divers

Intents shone in intentions; diverse altitudes of attitude,
A fort of belief proposed by efforts to abstinence,
Natural versus rational; it is a tug of war,
Content versus process; the battle of the mind

Mind what enters your heart that seemingly makes it content
But influences the mind with its sexual content,
Till hyper seeking attention and sick in affection,
To make you behold the eyes that'll get you iced in sex

Sexually frustrated; sex-starved seeking outlets,
The sex drive turns the boss seeking a room to let,
The use of ego defences may not break the fences;
Yet, sex hormones shouldn't make you a sex home owned

Well, giving in to porn only makes you a pawn,
You think it's all cheers while life calls it game of chess,
Erotic graphics now turns the bus of your sexual drive;
They play the game of thrones with the throne of your heart

The master bathes us with strength over to masturbate;
The master-bait pulling lots to be drowned in sex,
This coined habit won't help; habit to co-habit,
Negative reinforcers into sex are real and force us

The motivation process can be seen as a cycle,
Where contents influence thoughts and thoughts influence behaviours,
Where behaviour drives performance and performance affect thoughts,
A change of thought's content changes the cycle's nature.

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