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IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT CHRIST - compliment of the season; part three (03)

Missionary and military imposing Christian conversion together,
In a way not harmonized with the Jesus given order,
Not adhering to Christ's teachings but enforcing it across boarders,
Oh, yeah!! Walking in this order seems a working disorder

Imagine using the diss I pull to win disciples,
I'm talking the British expansion that  brought Christian principles,
To heap all crazy acts on hypocrisy is just fine,
But do know that Christ's death paid their debt and fine

Man's destiny is to be born into the family of God,
Possessing His Nature and Glory as the nurture of his story,
But in a world unfair with deeds unlike Christ did,
Roman emperors were worshipped as gods or demi-gods

Renaissance came to Europe through the teachings of Christ;
To rain sense on the roped through the reachings of Christ;
A dominant figure in the history of western culture,
With Vigour in the mystery of how he fulfilled the core chore

The Pagan God, Molech worshipped with human sacrifice,
The babies offered to his red-hot out-stretched arms never did suffice,
The Druid priest's demand for one-third of Irish children,
To appease the pagan deity; Cromm Cruac, in pre-Christian Ireland

Many Native Americans with terrifying religious practises,
Like the North American Indians known as ''the polite and friendly Mandans'',
Temple prostitutes; both sexes, worshipping fertility deities,
With the sexual orgies of unrestrained urges

Christianity preserved learning through monastries in the dark Ages,
Strongly affected political and intellectual life in medieval times,
As a Christ-I-A-N without Christ, I-A-N means I Am nothing;
Noting that without Christ, Christianity won't be a thing

He has affected the world in countless physical ways,
But affected the Christian infinitely more in spiritual ways,
Truth is not about your way but that of Yahweh,
Live out the good in your hood; leave out the neighbourhood's falsehood.
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