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JUNGLE JUSTICE - life is unfair but our deeds can make it light-skinned; part three (03)

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The police hit one's head with the but of a gun,
Four living souls in ALUU now turned bygones,
They had the right to life; should be living but now gone,
This killer disease from villagers got them deceased


Master and owner of lives is the Maker Adonai,
Yet a 12 years old kid was killed in Kaduna,
Samuel was burnt alive though not yet a teen,
Attempted kidnap was his crime but no one cared who used him

Mobs that don't seek the police nor hearken the word ''please'';
She was caught with a stolen phone and beaten to pulp,
This pretty thief stripped unclad soon turned pretty ugly,
She wasn't a stripper but was sexually manhandled

All the way from warri, mobs in fury spark up worry,
Two out of seven robbers perfectly burnt in rubbers,
Tried stealing tri-cycles; Funny the killers weren't phsycos,
Life's so unfair but our deeds can turn it light-skinned

A travesty of justice called jungle justice,
Guarantees no fairness; what mobs see is just ease,
The superior influence is celebrated 'cos of affluence,
While the influenced inferiors are killed without answered questions.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

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