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JUNGLE JUSTICE - whether saint or innocent, anyone can fall victim; part five (05)

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Under the brightness of the sun, this son drove his mum for shopping
His crime was being friendly; chit chat with a stranger
One lady gripped the stranger, the other gripped him stronger
The stranger fled while the innocent was held

Small mob grew to crowd; punches and blows from diverse angles
None thought of the police station; all roads led to death station
The more he was pleading, the more they caused his bleeding
None asked his side of the story; his crime was talking to strangers

His mum's eye saw an eye sore; a mother versus murderers
She ran to the middle to meddle with the blows
''He's my son'', she pleaded; ''your son na thief'' they responded
No one cared about her plea; they only beat him the more

Wrong mindsets; minds set to kill; only love can heal us,
The alarm was,''thief'' which marked the register of their mind
Soldiers got to the scene and asked for his sin
''Dem say him thief phone'' was the lame reply gotten

He was totally innocent but charged guilty without trial
Could happen to anyone; whether saint or innocent
You just have to be in the wrong place exactly at the wrong time
Let's say yes to justice; know to say no to jungle justice.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

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