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MATHEW 6: 33 - seeking the kingdom; same old dragon; inspired by scriptures; poetic gospel

Oh! Haven't you heard; the dragon drags on with a bruised head
Just because of Christ; the head of the herd,
Some men shun these things which the scriptures mention
The righteousness to be sought to make things right yours


Exercised senses to start chewing bones;
Coming to your senses to fight to the bone;
Seeking the kingdom and not sick in a kin's dorm;
If sin's your kin seen, you'll be keen for more sin
Sin not washed by klin; it's Christ's blood that washes clean;
The Hollies of Hollies torn, meant escape from torment,
Love's census is not enough to quantify How God does sense us;
He dots the Is to make us apples of his eyes.
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