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ONE SIDED ATTRACTION - emotional attatchments; part two (02)

She prefers his teddy and beards to the biggest teddy-bear,
But her cutest bae is cold-clueless like polar bear,
She isn't shameless for fearlessly seeking your question for years for her ''Yes'';
After all, a Boaz without Ruth is like a boss without roots

The Man missed her so much but she tags him Mr. Man,
She calls him jobless for calling her priceless goddess,
He patronizes the boutique to appease his thick boo
But she plays him like reggae without romantic blues

See words from Zee world to woo in a life of telemundu,
Why won't I shy away when Aisha Harsh tagged me Mugu;
The Metaphor I met her for is the seemingly simile taught;
Persons learn lessons; only weak heads are transformed to wicked

Ready to wait for Eva but she wants him to wait forever,
Steve's heart goes stiff the eve he proposed to Eve;
Bows this knee to his Disney Angel but this ends in a diss,
He's been desiring this Irene but she's eyeing another

A two-faced proposal despite the prior prose composed her,
It will have been soothing if the option was a true or yes; but know,
Comfort comes forth not to comfort him but answer no,
They see their Daisy swim off in the sea of one-sided love 

When your heart's stolen by seemingly sweet hearts,
Put on the smile simile that's medicinal to the heart,
You take him so dear but he sees you as dear for dessert;
So, if you're the dear he chases, better don't let him catch you

Faith trusts God's grace for her Love; turns out he hopes and longs for Joy,
Emotional attachments; one sided love hurts,
If I waylay Awele as though I'm bush from the ambush,
Won't end a clean thing for us 'coz Love's force can't be forced.
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