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POSITIONED IN CHRIST - He is my LAN and Lord; Yes! Life Amazing Network; part two (02)

I don't act drama but I'm called commando,
A call to service; to serve is to come and do
God's will giving up the wheels and He won't drive you crazy,
I give myself away to your way; oh! Great Yaweh


The way I dey rise, no be beans at all,
Satan for don chop me but God's oil is on my head,
Satan calls me monkey not knowing he is banana,
I know I'm a palm-tree on the palms of God's hands

Satan says I yam stew pead; sweet savour to God,
Satan calls me a fish; I swim through life with fins,
Fights me like I'm one ant; but God is my tenant;
He makes Satan dread me though I got no dreads like Samson

The red locks of Satan is no match for Samson's dreadlocks,
I'm not controlled by luck 'cos I got the master key,
I don't dread locks; Christ is my door, leader and ladder,
Living springs flow in me; life giving water in my bladder

Goliath almost stopped me from the divine goal I had,
But no geared ant can stop me when God is my tenant;
The tenant I made landlord; He is my LAN and Lord;
Yes! Life Amazing Network; my friend, saviour and God.
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