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THE SPIRITUALY LEGALISED 4-1-9(four-one-nine) - perfect wealth; part one (01)

I'm Iyawo Jesu; ghost mode, yes! A spirit,
I'm into 4-1-9 (four-one-nine); oh, yeah! You heard me spill it,
Busy next to business; the busy nest of wits,
You can't search it on google but the Spirit's goggle sees it


I lay on green pastures; daily bread 1-1-1 (one-one-one),
Reaches time's limits; it's code is 2-4-7 (two-four-seven),
Riches preaches business; it's called 4-1-9 (four-one-nine),
I don't do yahoo but Philippians 4-1-9 (four-one-nine)

It's the way I get what I want and I ain't to be blamed,
Prison bars don't even want me; my breakthrough is not tamed,
The pool of prosperity is where my name is framed,
My partner bore the shame to put me in this fame

As for my daily bread, I get more than needed dough,
To purchase needs and wants, I got more than enough dough,
Gangsters snuff out lives but they can't turn me into corpse,
4-1-9 (four-one-nine) fills my cup but I'm unwanted by cops

Riches of glory reaches the domain of my story
'Cos my focus is on Christ; He is the main door to my story
I can never be dry 'cos God's blessings rain on me
Through open windows from heaven to make me macro soft

Oluwa is involved; Philippians 4-1-9 (four-one-nine),
Endless supplies; Philippians four-nineteen,
Riches in glory; chapter four verse nineteen,
Basic for those in Christ; my source is Philippians.
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